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30.12.2018, 02:12

Faction Weapons are a Wasted Opportunity

Now, before I begin this rant, I should state that I haven't played since Aeria Games published this game. A lot has changed for me since then, and I may simply be missing some details that aren't obvious.

So I got a Burbank Weapon Manual not too long ago, and managed to craft one of the weapons available.

To my dismay, I found that the weapon had nothing special to it, aside from the name, it wasn't special in any way.
These weapons (assuming other factions have their own respective gear drops) could have had some nice touches added to it, so as to stand out from all other gear.
Example of bonus attributes faction weapons could have had:

  • Increased affinity gains from killing faction monsters
  • Increased damage versus faction monsters (could be a straight-up +dmg, or maybe better crit/deadly chances against that faction's specific monsters).
  • Increased XP/SP gains from killing the faction's monsters.
  • Faction Weapons can reach higher +upgrade numbers before 'may break upon fail' kicks in.

Things like that.Rant over, thanks for reading.
EDIT: Sorry for all the sudden wave of edits. I spot an error, and I just can't let it go. :x

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30.12.2018, 08:29

True, there are a lot of missed oppurtuneties in this Game.

Another example: Alber and the Fraktion System. In Alber could be so much more and the benefits of wasting 100+ Hours to lvlup the Fraction Ranking are legit none.

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30.12.2018, 08:44

Alber is a wasted opportunity by itself.

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31.12.2018, 17:56

I have so many ideas to share for this game but am hesitant on doing so.

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