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  • "droidkid" открыл тему

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26.02.2019, 00:01

MCS and DCS guild incomes

Do you agree with the tax changes in the post being implemented?

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Yes (19)


No (7)

So apparently the MCS guild gets it's tax income money from packages sold in personal shops, and since no one does that, I recommend redoing the system to where both guilds have some kind of equal footing on the money they receive from owning the siege. I received about 700m from the 1 week I owned DCS compared to the 1.5m I have so far from 2 days of MCS, 1 thing is clearly not like the other. I received a suggestion on how some gold could be put towards the MCS guild from Vilya, feel free to make any changes to this rather just giving me some stupid answer like "hurr durr we can't get siege so no fair"

-2% tax from anything sold in all shops across the server
-4% tax from anything sold in package deals in all shops (not like this happens anyways)
-1% tax from anything sold in Trading Agent Shen and Ronin

Also since DCS is 2 hours long, it should retain the right to keep the gold they earn from tomb as well and maybe split the %'s from the taxes mentioned above towards both guilds.

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Восходящая звезда

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26.02.2019, 06:39

I don't understand why people would put no... What possible reason would you have to put no?

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  • "TheGOSU" мужчина

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26.02.2019, 18:02

I agree with this poll, MCS owners should get better profit.

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