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Montag, 25. Februar 2019, 14:15

Topic title: Guilds | Improvement and Change Ideas

Topic title: Guilds | Improvement and Change Ideas

We would like to hear your ideas and suggestion on all that is related to guilds.
No matter how small or how big your idea is, we want to know about it. We do, however need this done in an orderly and reasonable fashion, so please read this post in its entirety before posting.

  • Anything unrelated to the specified topic, or that does not have a poll in the initial post, will be removed without notice.
  • Only one idea per thread please. We know some of you have multiple ideas about how to improve guilds, but please separate them for polling purposes.
  • Check all the threads already created before posting your idea, someone else might have started a topic and have voting in progress about something close to your idea. Add your opinions and thoughts to their thread instead of making a new one. Duplicate ideas will be removed without notice.
  • Be sure to be as specific as possible on your idea. The more details and information they better your fellow players, and staff, will understand the suggestion.
  • We will not accept plagiarized ideas or suggestions, so please be certain your idea is your own and is unique.
  • Feel free to add images to your idea, but again, please make them unique and your own design. If you are not artistic, ask your fellow players and you might find an ally to your idea who can help. You can also use screen shots from in game which are altered to show your idea. Images are not required however.
  • Make a poll with only Agree and Disagree options, this will help us (and you) gauge how your companions feel about the idea. (Link to FAQ: About Suggestion forum and How to make a Poll)
  • Remember everyone is entitled to their opinion on your idea or have the allowance to add their own spin on it in your thread provided it is related specifically to the topic.
  • Personal attacks about others’ opinions or suggestions will not be tolerated. If necessary, warnings and sanctions will be issued.
  • Be sure to vote in other threads, this will help us exponentially when we are checking the ideas to see where player interest lies.

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Montag, 4. März 2019, 18:03

We would like to thank you all for your participation regarding guild suggestions and ideas. We will be closing the forum after maintenance on Wednesday - March 6, 2019 and looking through all the amazing ideas. We will post soon about the results of your thoughts and which ones we might like to tackle...so stay tuned!

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