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Mittwoch, 13. März 2019, 17:17

Selling Characters/Gifting.

Wtsg 180 Exranger,

cc15’s/c15s & Bloodstone level 15 in all pieces, +30 armour hr set 173, 2498 base dura +30, 6-7 sockets on all gear pieces & jewelled, Full Dilamun Coin Of Hero set .

500 of each owl med/cure
500 medium meds.

Comes with silence xbow, magic Eva buff set, atk speed 165 set.

Black fog/Owls affinity completed.

Acc -74% Muta and Ulkan acc with cc15/c15
(Comes with p2 pets level 60 Elephant + jag + leopard.)

Skills are maxed.

180 Archwitch.
Skills are maxed.

My wife is also selling her toons (noting for her as she does not have discord/forum)
as her and I are quitting game for now and are not sure when we will return.

180 Cleric,
+25 Eva set, MP con gloves +25, cc14,c12-14. 6-7sockets on all pieces of gear

+15 Eva cooldown wand with 135 cooldown seal 7 sockets cc15 c15 Full jewelled.

Some affinity’s completed
(Owls not included)
2147 base dura bow +0

Full Coin Of Hero Set.
Has 10 +1(+30 max) master stones bonded to character.
Comes with level 42 leopard.

& 185 Naked Assassin
+25 dura daggers.
Comes with level 60 maxi and 165 atk speed buff set.
Toon sell “as is” nothing seperate, if you pictures of the Coin Of Hero armour ask me.

Send me a pm on discord Gosu#1922 or a friend request will take offers.

Legal transaction only nothing against term and conditions, Character Gifting Card will be used after purchase has been made, as to many players have been burnt sending characters first, My wife and I have to much to lose.

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