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Wednesday, 10. April 2019, 10:11

Phoenix System

The Phoenix System

Congratulations! If you’re here to read about the phoenix system, chances are you are ready to use…or soon will be.

First of all, you will need at least a level 100 character on the server on which you want to activate this Phoenix mode. You will also need to have an open slot for a character and the Phoenix Ticket. You will put this Phoenix Ticket in your personal stash/storekeeper.

Then, you will have to disconnect to reconnect with a brand-new character that you will have just created on the account after gaining level 100 on a character. Unfortunately, you cannot change an old, previously created character into a Phoenix. Once you have decided on what class of phoenix you want, and a name for it, you are ready to log in and grab your Phoenix ticket from stash.

Notes: Please ensure you have allotted free spaces in your inventory for the phoenix items as well as any other level based items.

  • You will also need at least 10 spaces of inventory free for the Phoenix items.
  • If you are changing from level 1, you will need 17 spaces as you will also obtain the level 30-32 set of armor plus weapons.
  • If you are a registered apprentice with a guardian, and your character will get to level 50 or over, you will also need 3 spaces for the apprentice weapons and well as the apprentice box which has the level 48-50+10 armor, 49+10 weapons for each class and the Rising Star title.
  • If your character is determined to be over level 60, you will need 24 spaces, as you will obtain the 30-32 set plus weapons and the 60-62 set plus weapons.

You’re getting closer! Next, you will run over to the Phoenix Mistress in Juno with your ticket.

Simply click on "Register as a Phoenix" and BOOM, you’re done.

Your character will automatically level to be between level 35 and 120 depending on the average of all other characters on the account combined minus 65 and rounded down.
You get skill points for your character that will cover all your skill needs up to the level your phoenix is created at, plus a little extra. Any skill points you gain on your character before changing to a phoenix will be kept and added to the phoenix skill points you get.
You will get extra stat points for your Phoenix character. Your phoenix will be super tough with the extra stats. These extra stats are determined by level of your phoenix character multiplied by 0.5 Also, once you have chosen your sub-class, you will obtain the 3 or 4 rotation of stat points as you level.
You will get even MORE extra stat points when your phoenix reaches the level of other characters on your account. So, as you level the other characters on your account to surpass one another, the more stat points your phoenix characters will gain and the stronger still they will become.
You will have a full set of equipment +10 which will gain in strength with you as you level, much like the Knightmare Armor, only better! It can be gemmed to give it more strength. It cannot be upgraded or blood-sealed however. You can put it on as it is or gem it up and become beastly right after creation.
You will also receive a special helmet that you can put on over your helmet in the costume menu. It has boosts on it when equipped. This is a visual effect that warns others that you are a mighty phoenix. This helmet shows the flames you were born from, wear it with pride. If you have an old Phoenix helmet, you can take it to the Transmuter and exchange it for this new one as well.
"Phoenix Rebirth" will allow you (when activated) to be reborn at the place where you died or in a safe area. But beware; You will still lose skill points and experience, as this is not a resurrection item. This item is usable until level 120.
The "Blessing of the Phoenix " item allows your character 5%-15% more physical and magic attack and 5%-15% more defense in a buff, depending on the average level of all other characters on the account and is active up to level 120.
We didn’t forget your bestie…your pet…you will receive a special Phoenix pet coloring crystal that will allow you to color your companion with a unique flame pattern. Your dragon will become pink in color with some hot looking flames on its wings, and your horse will be red with scorching flames across it’s body along with a pure white mane and tail. You can use this item on any level P1 style pet.

Special Phoenix Quests:
A special quest series is currently being created and tested specifically for Phoenix Characters. Old and new phoenix characters alike will be able to do these quests and get a unique title and accessory upon finishing them.

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