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Der Beitrag »Pet Transfer Item« von »Vilya« (Dienstag, 28. Juli 2015, 17:14) wurde vom Autor selbst gelöscht (Samstag, 25. Mai 2019, 01:55).


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Samstag, 25. Mai 2019, 01:54

Have you ever had a pet on your main character you wish you could move to an alt on the same account, but didn't have 2 PC's or a trust-able ally online to help?

Well, this item is for you! Now you can trade any pet on your character to any other character on the same account...even EXP pets and Incubus pets!! Read more below...

Moving your pet from one character to another on your same account has never been easier. Simply purchase the Pet Transfer Pack in the item mall and transfer it to the inventory of the character with the pet you wish to move. This pack contains two item, the pet transfer item and a Mailing marble.

BEFORE you click to send the pet transfer item, you will need to ensure two things:

  1. Make sure the pet you wish to transfer is the one you have equipped on your character, this is the pet that will be transferred.
  2. Make sure the character receiving the pet does not have a pet equipped. If there is a pet equipped, your pet cannot be sent.
    If you log into the alt and find a pet was equipped, simply unequip it and log back out of the account completely for the allotted time.

Once you have ensured both of the above conditions are met, double click your mailing marble and input your alt characters name. Click the small magnifying glass icon to the right of the name field. Once it turns green, drag the icon of the pet transfer item into the small box, then press confirm.
The item must remain in the statue on the alt, do not remove! If you remove it, the transfer will stop and pet will be in limbo! you will then be required to purchase another pet transfer item on the original character with the pet and resend it to the same alt, this time leaving the item in the statue and logging out of the account for the allotted time needed.

All that is left is logging out.

Make sure you are logged completely out of the account (to desktop or even into another account) or the transfer cannot be completed. Stay logged out of both characters for at least 20 minutes.

Log in, and if you did all according to the this guide, you will have your pet on your alt!

Below are some things you should know:
  • EXP pets with gathered EXP will be reset to 0.
  • EXP pets on cool-down will remain on cool-down as on main.
  • All pets will be sent with the current level and exp to level as they were on your main.
  • All pets will have all skills learned as they were on your main.
  • All pet armor on the pet will transfer with the pet.
  • Pet AI will be reset and pet arrows will NOT be sent with the pet.
  • In the case of character gifting, if the pet is higher level that the character, your character cannot be sent as a gift. You will either need to move the pet, or level the character to higher level than the pet to gift the character. Character gifting item will be restricted to this effect with upcoming maintenance

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