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venerdì, 19. luglio 2019, 16:12

VIP Patchlog | July 19, 2019

Last Friday - July 12, 2019, we attempted to fix the crash situation, but were unsuccessful. So to be able to test our patch without further downtime or inconvenience, and to ensure the fix will indeed help, we will apply it to VIP test server for the weekend.
Once the weekend is over, we will analyze the data and any input from the communities to determine if the fix will help on live servers as we believe it will. If it does help, we will apply it on our next maintenance on Tuesday - July 23, 2019.

In order to have as many of you testing as possible, we will be offering the following options to your VIP test play.
  • A special ticket to transfer a copy of the character you are used to playing to VIP Test server will be available in the itemshop at 100% cashback. This way, you will be able to test what you are used to playing and how you are used to playing. This offer cannot be used by players on US or RU servers due to being a different datacenter. [VIP Character Sync Item FAQ]
  • We will also offer 100% cashback on any and all purchases made on VIP test server while you are there, so you will be able to test items and play as normal without loss and completely free. All the current normal offers will be available on VIP test server for purchase.

So, please feel free to copy your favorite character to VIP and test away, free of cost to you for the entire weekend, and let staff know any news you have for us to pass on which will assist us in our quest to make the servers more stable for your enjoyment.

Thank you and happy gaming.

Community Manager EN/ES/IT/PL/RU
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