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giovedì, 25. luglio 2019, 03:58

i did not refere to sieges alone.
i did put up examples of toons where the unfair is at place and easy to see..
like sorc..
if u want elementalist.. u lvl a spec and change class cause specs are to damn slow..
same if u want a HL witch no1 does.. u want lvl it a WM because its way easyer and faster.. besides WM allready where better then HL befor element stage 2..
in my opinion.. the element stage 1 and 2 is the issue....
at stage 1.. it made sence and where alot more fair play thoughout pve and pvp..
but as for the rest... i wont bother people come up with false info.. and besides.. well you kno what.. karan. i wish u luck on this i hope something will be done.. but i am done with suporting this.. even tho i will suport it i wont comment more as people cant see over the tip of their nose's...

to be hornest... pve on this game is so... yea DEAD.. like wth ? 1hit mobs when grinding.. not fun at all.. 5 mins into pots and your bored.. as there basicly only few locations worth to pot when lvling sassy = sp thne phoenix and tof till 60 then tomb til.. 110 then sorc or troll kings till 140 then daily / seekers.. or rawheads.. till 175..
and then lab.. everything else is pointless.. and every1 knoes this aswell..
and yes i do kno there 1 time quests here and there.. but id bet my entire bank on game and account.. that i can skip those and just grind at those locations and lvl faster then every1 doing those 1 timer vlad and what not..

all u need = 3 jags.. 1 elephant 1 lvl 40-69+15 weapon with element.. 1 lvl 109-121 +15 or higher +.. then 157g5 (something change able the higher + the better.. useable on all toons.. if it aint purple.. then use that till 180 and make dura for pvp and bosses.. and game done.. yes very funny.. we all enjoy..
and this can be done in lvl 1 sets til lvl 140 no problems.. but remmeber u get free sets lower lvls aswell +ed.. so yea use those till 17x sets or if your class got nice 16x sets for set buffs use when u reach 164.. till 172 set.. from there its that 1 set u wanna work on.. and game over..

this game got killed with that 17x set... its the only set that makes sence to work on.. the 185 sets is trash and weapon skills and perks on those weapons doesnt work either.. not on this version anyways.. zeals is complete garbage..
and that set...."those sets".. are by far the hardest on lc to obtain.. and yet.. first: doesnt work at all.. second the weapon skills / perks doesnt work or exist in menu..

i dont think it where ever even tested befor released as well as the 182 set option where 50% pvp dmg absorb.. til sry sounds stupid but where first person in game to get that rank to wear it.. since the1andonly <-- thats me btw.. got the rank it changed value to 0.5% and where a glitch when it showed 50%. thats all fine.. dont care about that since it was informed that ti where a glitch. but.. still.. get those numbers straight and look at what each class have and their ability's
this is not that hard to fix even without testing.. and im sure sry again but im sure vilya could come up with what is needed and test it to make it more due / play able.
if their really that old of a player.. they kno atleast as much as the rest of us what problems there is..

i wont mind signing up for test server and GM or W/E to help on this all.. but i am NOT going to WORK my ass off for free.. yea who ever in the staff of running this can ask by free.. i will not discuss that here.
that all said.. im done thanks again for a lovely day on LC.. :) the1 here over and out! =)

yes sry lots of mistakes in spelling.. its 04:11 here.. so cmon.. =( im to tired.. NIGHT NIGHT

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