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Tuesday, 17. September 2019, 12:54

Patch Notes | September 17, 2019

  • Backend changes have been made to improve server stability.

  • It seems as though the Premium Merchant has made Dratan his home, he simply does not want to go away.
  • The animals are complaining there is no more grass for them to eat, so the Grass of Juno is over for now.
  • Sands of Dratan will be dropping, be sure to grab it quick or it will slip through your hands.
  • Have you checked out the Weekly Sales? Do so quickly, they end Friday!
  • General Server maintenance and backup was performed.

All servers
3 for 2:
  • Platinum Super Skill Pill
  • Platinum Blessed Iris
  • Platinum Pet Experience Potion
  • Super Haste Potion
  • Platinum Adrenaline

  • Ultimate Socket package
  • Promo: EXP Limit Joker
  • Promo: SP Limit Joker
  • 90Lv Jumping Box instant
  • 120Lv Jumping Box special
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