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Friday, 20. September 2019, 22:17

Make MCS great again.


Yes (10)


No (1)

I don't know if it was ever great, but it would make one of the two remaining features of the game that people still enjoy a little more rewarding.

At the moment, having MCS is only aesthetically beneficial. You get 0 gold from it, and when I say 0, I mean 0. Weeks on end.

DCS can easily get about 500m a day, even with amount of people playing the game at the moment... On an extremely good day, upwards of 15-20b. While on an extremely good day, MCS might get around 100-200m, and that is rare, like the same chances of this suggestion getting implemented, but one can dream.

Since everything I say will be taken as biased, I'll leave the developers to decide what they will implement to make MCS a little more financially beneficial. From just the last siege, I can estimate that the winners spent around 20b attempting to win the siege, so if owning the siege cannot guarantee even a minor percentage of what was spent... it makes it that much more unwanted. And since this is one of the VERY few features that don't punish you (not including financially), it would help to make it a little more useful.

Again, if you don't like or disagree with any part of the suggestion, help me understand your thinking, post below why you disagree.

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Joven aventurero

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Saturday, 21. September 2019, 20:50

Posted this back in February but apparently no one cared so I'll post it again. :)

So apparently the MCS guild gets it's tax income money from packages sold in personal shops, and since no one does that, I recommend redoing the system to where both guilds have some kind of equal footing on the money they receive from owning the siege. I received about 700m from the 1 week I owned DCS compared to the 1.5m I have so far from 2 days of MCS, 1 thing is clearly not like the other. I received a suggestion on how some gold could be put towards the MCS guild from Vilya, feel free to make any changes to this rather just giving me some stupid answer like "hurr durr we can't get siege so no fair"

-2% tax from anything sold in all shops across the server
-4% tax from anything sold in package deals in all shops (not like this happens anyways)
-1% tax from anything sold in Trading Agent Shen and Ronin

Also since DCS is 2 hours long, it should retain the right to keep the gold they earn from tomb as well and maybe split the %'s from the taxes mentioned above towards both guilds.

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Sunday, 22. September 2019, 14:56

Duplicate topic/poll, please respond and in the one which was create prior.

Thank you.

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