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Wednesday, 16. October 2019, 00:52

What is locking EXP?

So, about a month ago, someone told me that it is a good idea to lock your exp.It's supposed to help you in the long run? But, that I have to join a clan, or guild before I can do this. I really, really, REALLY want to play this game, but Im scared to lvl up and miss my chance at doing something that will help make me strong. Im lvl 10 now. They said that's the lvl you have to do this. Can someone PLEASE help me here? Again, I miss playing this game. I appreciate any help at all.

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Wednesday, 16. October 2019, 01:08

hi you need a master for take a weapon 21+15 in lv 20 and after you can block your exp for make sp in prokion temple ( you need 20 000 sp aproximately )

and after this you can deblock and go level up

rly sp is important for learn your next skill

ps: sorry for my english

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Wednesday, 16. October 2019, 02:24

To lock your experience gain you need to belong to a guild that has the ability to do that. If you want to create your own guild you could sacrifice a toons Skill Points and gold to get a guild to a high enough level to lock your experience. It is probably easier to just ask someone you know in game if you could join their guild then you can lock yourself. What locking does is it lowers your experience gain so you end up gaining a higher percentage of Skill points per kill than normal. You can either partially lock your experience or completely lock it so you can stay the same level while "farming" Skill points on mobs that are "more beneficial" to farm on. Most people start sp farming on Sasquatches. They are level 12. You can start farming on them at level 10 if your experience is locked. The only question left is how long you want to stay "locked" and whether that is the only place you want to waste your life away farming skill points at. There are a many different opinions on that subject. The answer really depends on how you want to play the game.

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