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Freitag, 22. November 2019, 19:51

Team gamigo

Dear community

Have you noticed the new user group on the forum?
It is made up of all kinds of gamigo employees, which is why we have named it ‘Team gamigo’.
When scrolling through the member list of this new group, you may notice that a lot of Community Managers are listed.
Let us explain why:

These Community Managers will only be here to create news posts, they will not be available to assist on a day to day basis, only in emergency situations. This means they will not respond to basic game questions, will not interfere in the community manager/volunteer team duties for the game you play, nor override decisions made by your community manager.
Please be aware that these Community Managers will not be required to log in on a daily basis and their private messages will generally be closed. Only when they are needed to create a post due to absence of the current community manager for any reason, will they be present.

Since other gamigo employees are listed, you might wonder if they will also post stuff in the forum. The answer is: maybe ;)
This depends on what might need to be said or done. The ‘rules’ for these other ‘Team gamigo’ members, are the same as for the Community Managers though. They also are not required to log in on a daily basis, however, and their private messages will generally be closed.

With this change, we hope to ensure you are updated in a timelier fashion, even if the responsible Community Manager is not available for some reason.

Your LastChaos-Team

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