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12.12.2019, 17:51

2019 Christmas Wishlist to Santa

It is time once again to make our your wish list for Santa! He will be making his rounds on December 24th, so you will need to be sure to have your wish list completely filled out before this date.. Please read the rules carefully to ensure your wishes are correct.

What is allowed:
  • Packages are allowed, but of each item kind just one size (e. g.: you can select the EXP booster package 200 OR the EXP booster package 600, but not both)
  • The wished items/packages need to be available in the item shop on Dec. 23 (if not, they will not be counted. Be sure to look in the shop before the 23rd before 23:59 server time!)
  • Each wished item/package should be just 1x on the wish list (otherwise, the list will not be valid)
  • Costume sets, which just need one field in the inventory, will be counted as one item
  • The wish list need to be filled completely (8 different ones)

The following list is not allowed:
  • Character transfer
  • Pet transfer
  • Server transfer
  • Rescue Mystery statue
  • Rescue deleted character
  • All other special items (such as Guild packs)

Other important information:
  • You will get your present on the server where you were logged in the last time on Dec. 23
  • Each player with an incorrect filled wish list will get a small surprise as compensation
  • Abuse via using multiple accounts is not allowed, your accounts can and will be sanctioned if abuse is found
  • Wish lists will be "collected" on Dec. 24th shortly after 00:01.
  • Send-out will happen on Dec. 24 shortly after 23:59 local server time

FAQ on Wish list: Adding items to in-game Wish List
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