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Friday, 24. January 2020, 23:02

Lets help each other!

There are people from all over the world playing Last Chaos, some of these people don't speak the English language very well. With this post i would like to give these people a chance to connect with fellow players speaking the same language.

To start it off with myself: I speak English and Dutch, and play the initus server on LC USA(usually to be found on i3 or i5).
To most people i am known as Sera or Raychael, i have several characters so feel free to shout either name.

For anyone willing to pitch in on helping each other find people to connect, please leave the following info: Character name,version,server,your usual channel, and ofc the languages u speak.

Ps. I know there is a similar post somewhere, but this is very outdated.

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Friday, 24. January 2020, 23:33

My Name is Elizabeth, but on LC i'm "Leather".

You can find me..."Leather" on Channel 2 or Channel 5.
I'm a lvl 32 Cleric.
I normally speak English but have a basic understanding of French.
I'm always willing to play with others in the game. Please feel free to look me up or leave a message.


^^ Elizabeth
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Friday, 24. January 2020, 23:53

Might as well drop my name in here, even if I'm not as active as I used to be. I can usually be found around the PvP Arena on Channel 5 of Initus on LC USA on my Ex-Assasin (Crossy), my Templar Knight (CaptainAmerica), my Cleric (SalvioHexia) or my Witch (WickedParagon).

I speak English and Swedish fluently, and have a very basic understanding of Norweigian, Danish and French. I'm usually very tired whenever I got the time to logg on because I work a lot, but if you see me and need help with something, feel free to ask and I'll see what I can do about it.

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Saturday, 25. January 2020, 14:00

I'm always happy to help, though not as knowledgeable as many others. My own language is English and I'm quite fluent in French. I'm usually on 2 or 5 on my main - Caugsmire - or one of my alts - CaugsWarmaster, CaugsArcher etc - you get the idea. :)
I'm in the UK so usually on between 4am and 6pm EDT

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Saturday, 25. January 2020, 19:15

Hi my name is Airadella, My hubby is Polish and our guild mates are. We play LC USA

He speaks Polish and English
On after 11am EDT until bed mostly on i5 or i3

You can ask in chat for him by name (could be on another toon)

In game name - Polas

Guild name- TheProphecy

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Sunday, 26. January 2020, 21:51

JoBeth, here. I also have other toons. I'm either on I2 or I5, unless I need to go to a different channel. Like, for MC. Guild name is KOTOR.

Leather, JoBeth is also a Cleric, if you wish to just talk about the class. :) JoBeth is lvl 140, Leather. :D

"Can You Dance Like The Crew? Can You Do What We Do? Check It Out When We're Through. And Don't Forget That Our Moves Are True."
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