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Wednesday, 16. September 2020, 14:25

Iris Economy

Should we have a merchant without a premium ticket?

A total of 12 Votes have been submitted.


Yes (8)


No (4)

Hi fellow gamers one and all, since it's become increasingly expensive to play when buying item mall items from other players, we are living in a day and age where people can't always afford to buy IC, and the ones selling it are asking crazy stupidly high through the roof prices, I realize there is bound to be inflation at times, but how do we expect to get new players, or returning players to be able to afford items that are almost necessary for eg. An elephant, a jag, I realize that there is a premium merchant in place but not everyone is able to afford to buy a ticket, I think that maybe if we could have an merch that sold just some basic IC products for gold/aces and can't be traded as such to other players for profit, and are only valid for that character and are to be used within an amount of time of purchase, I'm suggesting that maybe the following items could be sold
Lucky Spell book
Lucky Bi
Experience Potion
Experience Elixer
Platinum pet experience pill
Pet experience pill
Hp stealers
Mp stealers
Hp boost
Mp boost
Crit pot
Power pots
Magic shield
Hp & Mp boost

Experience booster
Skill point booster
Item drop booster
Gold booster

Maybe sell the boosters in packs of 100

Maybe restrict to a limited of packs per day or login, Also I believe animal leashes including the option of hiring a lvl 60 elephant should promote people ambition to buy more, But I believe that an elephant leash and exp pet leashes are a good option for this opportunityAnd last but not leastRecall tickets
Mem scrolls expander
Storage expansion
General merchant tickets like if ur in lab and have a full inventory and don't want to go to town to sell drops

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