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Sunday, 3. January 2021, 20:35

Expedition into the unknown
  • Game Master will announce channel and map the event will take place and time of the event.
  • Meet Game Master in the announced place.
  • The Game Master will form the party/fellowship.
  • The party/fellowship goes on an expedition to one of the following places: Akan, Monster Combo, Altar of Darkness, Cube.
  • There will be some surprise additional entertainment!
  • There are no rewards for participating. As for the Monster Combo, the coins will be handed out at the end by the Game Master.
  • Only one instance will be visited during the event. This may take longer than you think, so bring some snacks and beverages!
NOTE: If you die, you can lose EXP/SP. We are not responsible for this as it is a chance you take when participating.

  • The party/fellowship is limited to 8/32 players. First come first serve.
  • Level restrictions for Akan (60-80 or 90-110) and Altar of Darkness (min. 160).
  • All rules for Gamigo must be followed.
  • Do not trade the Game Master, they will trade you.
  • Do not add the Game Master to Friends List.
  • Be patient while the Game Master hands out coins.
  • People who go AFK forfeit their coins if not back when the GM is done.
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