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Tuesday, 12. January 2021, 13:01

Patch Notes | January 12, 2021

The VIP test server is still open!
Log there to get some sneak peeks about what is coming.
However, be aware if you're scared of darkness...
You can check all details [HERE].
  • Fixed an issue that could cause a client crash.
  • Eldritch and Pomeroy appeared in the Lost City of Dratan to fill the void after Naima and Burcet! Be sure to visit them as they have for you some special offers.
  • Enough snow for this winter! The Snowball Event is over. Rewards will be paid out soon.
  • How about some rain? Get your umbrella ready as the Raindrop Event will run for two weeks.
  • #StaySafe events keep going! Check when your favorite ones are so you don't miss them.
  • #gamigotrees charity event hasn't ended yet, and that means you still have time to do something good for our planet and help Eden Reforestation Projects in planting trees. Buy one of three packages and get some cool items in return for your help. Be sure to check the details!
  • More events with the Game Team! Be sure to check GM Event Calendar and appear in game to win some cool prizes.
  • Share your delicious creations and your grandma's recipes in the LC Kitchens thread and win some nifty things!
  • Hug your pets and show them some love in early 2021. Check out Weekly Sales and grab something nice for your furry friends!
  • Follow us on Facebook to not miss our sweet giveaways and join us on Discord for some chitchats.
  • General server maintenance and backup was performed, and Raids reset.
All servers
3 for 2:
  • Socket Reset Card
  • Jewel Protection Scroll
  • Case of Middle Grade Jewels
  • Case of Advanced Grade Jewels
  • Case of Platinum Jewels
  • Socket Making Pack
  • Ultimate Socket package
  • Peridot Lv.15
  • Agate Lv.15
  • Mookiate Lv.15
  • Legendary Iris
  • Legendary Skill Pill
  • Promo: EXP Limit Joker
  • Promo: SP Limit Joker
  • Megapack: EXP Pet Cooldown Remover
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