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Tuesday, 9. February 2021, 11:01

Basic Guide to Theo's Darkness Tomb

How to enter Theo's Darkness?
  • You must be 185 level or above.
  • You must finish entrance quests.
  • You must have a ticket Enter the Darkness.
Note: Entrance quests start at Royal Guard Captain in Juno. Some of the quests lead into Ramslo's Lab, so be sure you have completed corresponding quests in Tarian.

After meeting the above requirements, you can go to [Tomb Guard] Atum in Dratan and enter the new map.

How to get Enter the Darkness ticket?
You will receive one ticket after completing entrance quests. You can also obtain them by killing monsters in Ramslo's Lab or completing two quests inside the new dungeon.

Buffs & Debuffs
After entering the new map, you will get a special class-specific buff that apply not only to you but also to your party.
You will also be cursed with a general and a class-specific debuff, so get some potions ready if you don't want to die.

When hunting, you have a chance to drop Insignia. They will give you and your party some cool buffs, so don't hesitate to use them and find out what they do.

All monsters on the map have levels between 190 and 195.
There are two bosses in the dungeon. Each of them requires a special item to be summoned.
There can be only one Omen of Darkness on the map. If one is already summoned, you will need to find it and kill it.
Theo's Void can be summoned only at The Sarcophagus. You and your party will be teleported to a special room where the boss will spawn.

There's a new line of quests in Theo's Darkness. You can get them at The Unknown Quester and The Sarcophagus.

How to get new armors and weapons?
Monsters drop Darkness Chests and Theo's Chests, as well as Keys of Darkness to open them. Chests contain boxes with armors and weapons for each class. There's a also a chance to get Jewel Pockets.

Can you beat the king of the tomb?

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