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Wednesday, 21. April 2021, 15:31

epic battle

So, there I was , surrounded by hoards of hobgoblin raiders , kobald firebombers , and a cadre of undead spellcasters backed up with a gazillion spider wraiths .well needless to say I was wonderin what I was gonna do ,when all of a sudden who shows up ? nickadeemuskilzalotastuff on a purple hosredragon mount , ( don't know where he got it ) anyway he starts takin em out in groves so was all like yeah ! bring it ! and together me and nickadeemuskilzalotastuff beat back the hoards a hobgoblin raiders , squished all the kobald firebombers , nickadeemuskilzalotastuff must a had fireproof armor or something cause the kobald firebombs were like a gentle breeze to him, I followed through the flames we killed the spiderwraiths with ease and creamated all the undead spellcasters with fire and and explosives and reaped the sweet rewards of victory !
ill never forget the day when nickadeemuskilzalotastuff came to the rescue . : )

did I ever tell you about the time I was in darkest Africa ? .... so there I was ...

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Thursday, 22. April 2021, 05:18

...then you woke up.

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Friday, 23. April 2021, 04:49


awesome battle xD

cheers ^^

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