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Sunday, 18. April 2021, 18:21

Future Plans to Optimize this Game?


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I was wondering if there are any future plans in the work to optimize this game so it can make more use of modern CPUs and graphics cards?
Not sure how many active developers there are and not sure how many developers on the development team are well versed in the game engine code itself. I saw that someone raised a similar suggestion a little over 4 years ago so I'm going to bring this suggestion up again to see if more people would be interested in this idea.

I see that the game appears to only use 1 core, 1 thread which I guess is not surprising since this game was made back in 2007 which I was around during that time but I was never sure if this game would see any game engine improvements to become multithreaded for example so it makes more use of multiple CPU cores and also make more use of the graphics card processing power if needed. I noticed this when I opened task manager. I only see 1 core/1 thread active and all other threads are not active.

I notice that the game lags when there is a large amount of people on my screen and I have my shadow settings set to the max. I'm a bit surprised that even then, it would cause my computer to lag and I am using a GTX 1080 and was using a Intel i7-2600K at the time. I recently upgraded to a Ryzen 5 5600X CPU while keeping the same graphics card so it will be interesting to see if I can run the game without any FPS dips when there are lots of people on my screen.

Anyway, I believe implementing game engine optimizations so it would perform better on newer computers would be welcomed by all players. Thanks.

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Sunday, 18. April 2021, 20:21

Probably it would be more work to optimize the old graphics-engine or anything else in the game than coding a "remastered" version based on a more modern engine.

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Monday, 19. April 2021, 08:24

ive seen this attempted before , the first map gets made runs great , but the development costs are extreme in terms of time effort collaboration and other factors . the project never gets finished for a lot of reasons .
ive always insisted the maps could be repacked with unreal 4 or tank and rapid tank so they have modern textures that use 90 percent less memory , but if you do that the maps have to be repopulated and it would indeed be a lot of work , all the quests would be broken and would have to be repaired the list goes on ....

it would take a whole team at least a year ,that is if it could even be done at all , its easy to say , repack all the maps ! update the engine ! but doing it is another thing .
use unreal 4 and they want 20 percent of any profit .... you can download that and check , you are not going to give anyone a percent of the profit .youd go broke .

all the other engines are the same way . they are not freeware , they charge for the use of their software , besides the way lc is ,it will run on you phone in a few years .

smiles . LCMobile yep .

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Friday, 14. May 2021, 22:01

probably a long shot but who knows are they secretly working on updating this game and we dont know yet?

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