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Tuesday, 18. May 2021, 15:45

Yuzak Boss of Akan

We have been doing quite a bit of raids through the Akan temple of late. We have been having an ongoing problem with the final boss, specifically with the poison or whatever he hits you with that drops your hp to 1. Does anyone know of a remedy or cure for this. We have tried all that we know of with no effect.

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Tuesday, 18. May 2021, 17:55

You can use Owl's tablet of condition recovery. It removes almost every kind of debuff including Yuzak's poison. But you need to get owl's merchant unlock or get some from Medication chest for hero.

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Thursday, 20. May 2021, 14:08

Well I dont see any bug here (also because i dont understand russian)
but he gives you a poison debuff as you see in the top right corner the skull symbol. In order to cure it there should be poison cures at merchants in Strayana and also for stronger/better cures there are also some available in Moonshine if im not mistaken.

But also as said above the OWLs cure should work 100%. But there are poison cures out there. Or get a helping cleric in there

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