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Tuesday, 8. June 2021, 10:37

Patch Notes | June 8, 2021

  • Get more experience and skill points for defeated monsters. Check out Weekly Sales and get all the boosters!
  • General server maintenance and backup was performed, and Raids reset.

  • Be sure to get yourself a Premium Merchant Item and with it access to special offers of Premium Merchants. Eldritch and Pomeroy are waiting for you!
  • Rain is needed, especially when it starts getting hot! Enjoy the Raindrop Event until the sun shows up again!
  • [US version] Ready for some summer fun? Check out the Event Calendar and play some fun games with Game Masters!
  • The competition is heating up! Show off your skills in the LC Kitchen for your chance to win game cash or hot prizes!
  • Follow us on Facebook to not miss our sweet giveaways and join us on Discord for some chitchats.

All servers
3 for 2:
  • Restart Raid Dungeon
  • Random Wing Box
  • Rune of Protection
  • Silver Rune of Protection
  • Gold Rune of Protection
  • Veteran's Composure
  • [Event] Armor Master Stone
  • Special: PRS remover
  • Megapack: Advanced Grade Re-former
  • England Uniform for all classes
  • Russian Uniform for all classes
  • France Uniform for all classes
  • Spain Uniform for all classes
  • Germany Uniform for all classes
  • Poland Uniform for all classes
  • Italy Jersey Uniform for all classes
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