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Sunday, 29. August 2021, 17:15

Rummage sale

I wish to express my disappointment in the rummage sale. This is the second rummage sale where I wanted to try for the IDB pack. So I watch almost constantly. And every time they all sell out while I am sleeping. Seems like on the US server you could be more fair for times for people in US. Maybe have more times for opening the very popular items to make more fair access. I don't even want to do rummage anymore now. I suggest to make fewer available in each groupling to have more packs at different times. Or post the times the rummages will open.

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Monday, 30. August 2021, 20:03

quick sales

sorry for u man but rumages are fair
, every time there are anounced with the expression ,,, Be the firast who buy them before others buy , is ok to be disapointed but is like black friday , a certain amount of items for a limited stock , usualy all need those cool items . im from uk server and i was tunned on all rumages openned , good luck next time , have a good game

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Tuesday, 31. August 2021, 09:40

Quick tip for that.
The announcement for new items, always comes after the have been updated. Which means you can buy the stuff before the anouncement really comes.
Everytime when packages get updated, the cahsshop closes and is unavailable for a short amount of time. Meaning when you have the cashshop open at all time you will notice that it will close. and therefore you know that now the offers will get changed, so by spamming the cashshop until it opens youre gonna be one of the first in the cashshop and even before the anouncement comes, giving you a slight advantage. So by carefully observing and spending time you can be the first to an offer.

to Note you dont necessarly have to do this on your main character. You can also hop on an alt and open LC on your second screen and you could notice the window closing in the corner of your eye and then on your main character spaming the cashshop.

Hope this helps you for the future :)

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