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Saturday, 30. October 2021, 08:38

Events / NPC's & Rewards/ Playstyle / New Costumes & Content / ThankYou

It would be nice for maybe next year for both Halloween, New years, Easter & Xmas to have some new costumes released & some new costumes released into the ic mall permanently as the ones we have now are very very old.

As for the new content of this Halloween patch, i am happy to see new wings implemented into the game with very VERY nice seals!
but this is where my criticism and suggestions fall into place. These new costume wings were only accessible by either purchasing gamigo cash (14,9k ic) or by subscribing to the news letter of gamigo.. I think this wasn't the way to go and for next year can we have items like these released please for all of our beloved celebrated holidays. And that items like these could be obtained in a free to play style.

i shall use this Halloween patch as an example.

The Halloween patch is a very nice and fun patch because of the pumpkins, empty baskets, costumes and other mechanics of the ScareCrow NPC make it possible for all players to gain some serious gold and rewards.

you can exchange the items you drop hunt for other and higher grade rewards at the ScareCrow NPC,

I think these wings should of been implemented into the ScareCrow npc system where you could farm say ;'' 10k pumpkins to exchange 1 of the new Event Halloween wings of your choice" - as the ultimate goal and reward of the release of the halloween patch.

I also suggest that we mix up the Easter patch, New Years patch, Xmas patch to be similer to the Halloween ScareCrow NPC w/ new content and rewards to be obtained in an item drop hunt strategy system. much like having to farm pumpkins and empty candy baskets.

And lastly as i said before, we need new costumes, and event costumes and ways to obtain free to play as 15.9k (gamigo cash ic) can cost up to 100$ in some countries and that is just ridiculous prices for a pixel single piece costume.

All and All, Vote yes if you like this suggestion poll, Vote no if you think everything should stay the same and would not like to see new costume content, a new way to play and new design of the event patch logs.

I very much enjoyed the effort of the creation of these new wings, disliked the ways to obtain but Halloween patch and New custome costumes with VERY nice seals is always exciting and very appreciated. Thankyou.

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