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Tuesday, 23. November 2021, 10:35

Advent Subscription

Hello Irisians!

The Advent Subscription is back!
After you purchase the subscription item this week from the shop, you can either leave it in records or move it to your inventory.
The subscription items will begin to be sent out on December 1 and you will get one item per day at server reset (midnight server time) each day until December 24th!

The items you will get are worth more than 8K game cash if purchased separately...and that's the items you can price out that are found in the mall!
There are also items not available through any other means that will be sent out which should make this item even more enticing!

This item is NOT GIFTABLE! If the purchaser attempts to gift the item, the person it is gifted to will only get the placeholder item.
That means all the following subscription items sent out will be sent to the purchaser and not the person the item was gifted to!

Grab your subscription before it's too late!
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