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Tuesday, 23. November 2021, 10:50

Patch Notes | November 23, 2021

  • Here come the last few days of November! Let's spend them together in Last Chaos, enjoying the ongoing Autumn Events!
  • While running around through Iris, be sure to visit Eldritch and Pomeroy. Show them your Premium Merchant Item and get access to their special goodies!
  • The rain of boosters has stopped, and so has the Fall Event!
  • [EU version excluded] Thanksgiving is just around the corner! Make sure to bake some mooncakes to share with your loved ones as the Mooncake Event has begun!
  • [EU version only] The birthday party keeps going! Enjoy the Birthday Event for another week!
  • Join our Discord server to follow live announcements about news, changes, and wonderful events!
  • Be sure to leave a like on our Facebook and share your best LC moments with us!
  • General server maintenance and backup were performed. Raids were reset.

  • It's time for a shopping spree! Rummage sales are back, so keep your eyes open for in-game announcements to be the first one when the price drops!
  • A lot of drop is waiting for you out there. Stock up on all the necessary items that you can find in the latest Weekly Sales!
All servers
3 for 2:
  • Socket Reset Card
  • Jewel Protection Scroll
  • Case of Middle Grade Jewels
  • Case of Advanced Grade Jewels
  • Case of Platinum Jewels
  • Jewel Protection Superpack
  • Jewel Protection Megapack
  • Socket Reset Superpack
  • Legendary Scroll Superpack
  • Jewelry box 5Lv
  • Chaos Jewel Pocket with Elements
  • Classic jewelry box
  • Level 5 jewelry box
  • Ultimate Socket package
Christmas Specials:

Special Offers
Start: Tuesday - November 23, 2021 after maintenance
End: Thursday - November 25, 2021 at 23:59 local server time
Limit: 30x per account / per offer
  • Buy 1x Jewel Protection Superpack and receive another Jewel Protection Superpack for free!
  • Buy 1x Jewel Protection Megapack and receive another Jewel Protection Megapack for free!
  • Buy 1x Socket Reset Superpack and receive another Socket Reset Superpack for free!
  • Buy 1x Legendary Scroll Superpack and receive another Legendary Scroll Superpack for free!
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