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World Cup Festival Event

How It Works

You can acquire a soccer ball by either finding the random Soccer Balls or defeating a monster (with a uniform on) throughout the continent of Iris.

However, not all monsters drop soccer balls. Some drop the item of "World Festival Treasure Box".

To open the box, a Golden Treasure Key will be required. Wooden keys are dropped by monsters and can be exchanged to Estella. 1.000 Wooden Treasure Keys will get you 1 Golden Treasure Key . Once opened you will receive one of the following items below:

  • Advanced Grade Reformer
  • Medium Experience Potion
  • Affinity Booster Jewel
  • Protection Scroll
  • Panda Plush Leash
  • Lingkogator Leash
  • Zappy Leash
  • Liopard Leash
Soccer Balls can be exchanged for a Golden Soccer Ball via the Armor Trader NPC after you have acquired 10 regular "soccer balls".

Golden Soccer Balls can be exchanged for a "World Festival Box" at any Armor Trader in any town after you have acquired 50 "Golden Soccer Balls".

Open the World Festival box to receive prizes! You will randomly receive 2 of the prizes listed below with a random flag:

  • Lucky Dodge Potion
  • Lucky Hit Rate Potion
  • Large Defense Potion
  • Large Attack Potion
  • Platinum Blessed Iris
  • Parti-Colored Candy Cane Candy
  • Damage Booster
  • Great HP+MP Boost Potion Platinum Refining Stone (30 day)
  • Medium EXP Potion
  • Medium Medicine
  • Platinum Tool-Aid
  • Platinum Training Spell
  • Bonus Book of Melding Platinum Refining Stone Remover
  • Devil Rune Ore
  • Heaven Stone

You will receive a nation's flag from the box you can then turn it in to Estella NPC in Juno. The flag will give you the opportunity to bet on which team will advance to the next week in the World Cup. Revisit Estella each week to place your bet!

How It Works
  • Click on the menu that reads "Predict the winning team".
  • Click 'Enter for the winning team'.
  • Drag the Flag and drop into popped up window.
  • Click on the confirm button and the flag will disappear.
  • You can check your entering status via the "My Info" menu.

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