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Wednesday, 15. July 2015, 17:19

Friend Referral Program FAQ

This program is for those of you who recruit and refer friends to play Last Chaos.
This system will reward you and them...for playing Last Chaos.
Oh my gosh! That is fabulous does it work you ask?
Well let us explain!

If your friends join the community within our Friend referral system, we will give them some nice stuff for free to catch up with you and allow you to play together!
We will encrypt the recruiters account name. You will be able to find your personal recruiting link inside the game. Your friends account will be auto-preset to join the same server as you play on.

When your friend joins and begins to play
  • He will get 6 lucky stone , 5 adrenaline for beginner
  • He will get the ability to create a phoenix character right away without the need of being level 100 (additional phoenix ticket required)
  • You will get the good feeling to have contributed to filling the game world with cool new players
If your friend succeeds in the quest of killing Erebus for the first time
  • He will get a merchant ticket, stash-ticket and party recall each 30 days
  • You will get the title "Top Recruiter"for 24 hours
If your friend succeeds in finishing 50 non-repeatable quests
  • He will get 5 cash + a random 30 day type 2 costume
  • You will get 2 cash + one of each scrolls (exp, sp, drop)

If your friend succeeds in finishing 100 non-repeatable quests
  • He will get 10 cash + raid reset scroll x5
  • You will get 5 cash + 1 of each party-buff potions
If your friend succeeds in the quest of "I am the Veteran"
  • He will get a premium character ticket 30 days for free
  • You will get a Guild Skill book & 10x Teleport to friend book
If your friend succeeds in joining a faction for the first time
  • He will get 10x perfect creationary jewel for free
  • You will get 3x creationary jewel fragment for free
If your friend succeeds in capping his character (max level, max exp) for the first time
  • He will get (in addition to the lvl 120 jump box) 12x chaos-smelting stones to push his new Arousal gear from +10 to +12
  • You will get 25 of the 50 Game Cash Tokens
But that's not all! There's more! The heck you say??? Well read on...


How it works
There are 3 Levels of recruiting new players

Player (Recruiter - player A)
Friend (Recruited Level 1 - player B)
Friend of Friend (Recruited Level 2 - player C)
Friend of Friend of Friend (Recruited level 3 - player D)

Player A gives his personal Link to his friends.
A friend of his signs up for Last Chaos using this personal link
The new registered Player B will be direct (Level 1) recruited of Player A for all time

After a while Player B also starts giving his personal link to more of his friends
A friend of Player B signs up for LC
The new registered Player C will be direct (Level 1) recruited of Player B and
Indirect (Level 2) recruited of Player A

If Player C also uses his personal link to invite new players

New player D will be direct (Level 1) Friend of Player C and
Indirect (Level 2) Friend of Player B and
Indirect (Level 3) Friend of Player A

Throughout all those 3 levels, you will get a cash-share of
everything purchased by your friends.

If your direct (level 1) friend spends cash for any items (except voucher), you receive 3% of that cash
If your indirect (level 2) friend spends cash for any items (except voucher), you receive 2% of that cash
If your indirect (level 3) friend spends cash for any items (except voucher), you receive 1% of that cash

The bigger you grow your friend pyramid, the more free Iris Cash you may get.
We will keep a record of the exact values even if it's only 0.01 Iris Cash that you earn.
As we currently cannot payout cash to your account instantly, so we will issue a voucher whenever the recruiters
balance reaches 500 Iris Cash.
You can easily make that 500 Iris Cash for free. Remember, you can buy 490 Iris Cash for as little as 1.99 EURO/USD or 1300 Iris Cash for 4.99 EURO/USD.

Lifetime Cash-Share...
Whenever your friends buys items in the Item Shop, you earn a certain percentage - up to 3 levels deep - all your life!
When your directly invited friends spend Cash in the Item Shop, you get a share of 5%
When your friend buys an item for 100 Last Chaos Cash, you get 5 Cash added to your balance.
And you can even earn from the friends of your friends. If your friends also have invited new players to the game, you can earn a share of 2% of their spending.
There is also a 3rd level, which gives you 1% of all spending of the friends of the friends of your friends.

We keep a precise record of your balance and you receive automatic payouts whenever your unpaid balance exceeds 100 Iris / Last Chaos Cash.

Be generous to your friends: Use the Split-Share option!
Split-Share allows you to share the cash that you earn with your friend, basically giving your friend a discount - only because he is your friend!
You may set a sharing ratio from 1 to 80 percent (or set it to 0 and keep everything for yourself)
With the "100 Cash" example from above again, a 50% split-share would give you 2.5 cash as well as your friend.
An 80% split share gives your friend 4 Cash while you keep 1 Cash for yourself. The Split-Share is a global settings that applies to all of your friends. You cannot set an individual ratio per friend. You can change the split-share ratio whenever you want.
The split share does only apply to your directly invited friends. Level 2 and 3 earnings cannot be split.


Let's assume you have 3 Friends directly recruited, each of them only buying items for 1500 cash per month, this will add

(3% * 3 friends * 1500 cash) = 135 cash to your balance

Let's assume each of them also brought 3 friends spending 1500 cash per month. Those are your level 2 indirect friends and will add

(2% * 3 friends * 3 indirect friends each * 1500 cash) = 270 cash to your balance

Let's also assume each of them also brings 3 of their friends into the game. This makes (3 * 3 * 3) = 27 indirect level 3 friends of
your, adding (1% * 27 indirect * 1500 cash) = 405 cash to your balance.

Which sums up to 810 cash already, that you can get for free every month as long as your friends keep buying items.

And this is not the end.
You can invite as many people as you want to, also get the servers filled up again, all with players you know and enjoy gaming with!!

Good luck and happy gaming Irisians! Please see the complete guide on how to use this system both as a recruiter and as a friend in the next 2 posts.

*NOTE: All attempts to exploit or abuse this system will be met with sanctions! This includes using your own alts to gain items, or making new accounts alts en masse to exploit with others!

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