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Freitag, 17. Juli 2015, 16:13

Live Server Character Transfer Item (Take me to...)

Do you ever feel like the server you're on has lost that loving feeling? Do you ever want to sever ties with it and move to another?

Well now is your chance!! With the "Transfer me to Katrissa" or "Transfer me to Ciraya" item, you can transfer a character from Katrissa to Ciraya or vice versa! Easy peasy lemon squeezy!

So here are the details:

  • Can transfer a single Character to another Server. (only one character on your account will transfer over!)
  • Your character will no longer be on the original server at all.
  • Guild, Guild stash, Personal Stash will not transfer!
  • All buffs will be removed, this includes buffs from yourself, buffs from others, and faction buffs.
  • Friends list will be wiped.
  • Guardian List will be wiped.
  • Items left in Mysterious statue or Trader will disappear, even if you transfer back. You will need to use a [Mysterious Statue Rescue Item ] to retrieve them.
  • Character will be renamed with a Name Change card in the Mysterious statue.
  • Alber points and faction information will be wiped.
  • Crafting will be reset.
  • Only items ON your character will move to the other server!

Here's what you do:
  • Buy the item and take it to the Inventory WITH THE CHARACTER YOU LIKE TO BE TRANSFERRED.
  • Make sure, you have at least one free Character slot available at the destination server.
  • Log off and stay offline for apx. 20 minutes. **Close game completely or it will not work!**
  • You will find your Character at the destination server.

**CANNOT BE GIFTED - Once the transfer is initiated, there is no way to cancel.**

Super important!!!! If you buy this item and gift it to another person, when they transfer it, YOUR character you gifted it from will be transferred, NOT their character!!!

**Reminder! Remove items from Mysterious statue or you will lose them!**

Please make certain you are purchasing this item with the account you wish the move on, and move the item to inventory ONLY on the character you wish transferred!

If you will log into MyGamigo by using the email associated to your account rather than username, your item and IC purchase will be on the correct account. On super rare occasions,the same email address is tied to more than one Gamigo account and these items will have a chance to work on the wrong account and not the one intended by the user.
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