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17 July 2015 16:15

Rescue Deleted Character Item

Have you ever accidentally deleted a character? Well then do we have an item for you!

With this magical, mystical card, we can reach into the depths of limbo and pull your precious character back from the black abyss! But, as with anything, there are some rules.

  • You must know the EXACT spelling of your long lost characters name
  • You must use this item before 30 days has gone by
  • You must be patient while we work our voodoo magic

That's it! Simple stuff! So here is what you must do:
  • Buy the Rescue Deleted Character Item from the Item Mall and transfer to inventory on an available character on the SAME account and server as you deleted one.
  • Send "A second Chance" item to your deleted Character using the included Mailing Marble from that character - no later than 30 days after deletion.
  • Make sure, you have at least one free character slot available.
  • Your deleted char will automatically be recovered soon.

And then....in a puff of magical smoke....your character will be restored to your loving embrace! Well, not quite that dramatically, but you get the point!

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