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Freitag, 17. Juli 2015, 16:26

Magic Ball of Priest and Confusion

About the Magic Ball of Priest

-This item can track any player's location.
-Only one person can be tracked at a time.
-When activated, a tracking buff and tracking UI will be displayed in the center of the screen.
- The item can only track those who are in the same zone as you. If the tracked person is located in same zone then his/her direction can be determined via a tracking UI and their location can be checked on the world map and mini map.
-Tracking is only available for as long as the buff lasts

A. How to use the magic ball of priest
  1. After purchasing the item then double click to use it.
  2. Input the target character's name in the window below.

If the target stays in the same zone then their location will be displayed on the world map.

If the target is in sight then target icon will be placed over the target's head.

B. Marks in various situations

Target in sight

Target out of sight

Target in another zone/offline

C. Additional Items
- The location of the target can not be identified if the target is located in a
different zone.
- The tracking UI can be moved manually.
- An icon of tracking over the target only can be identified by a person who uses the tracking item.

2. A Magic Ball of Confusion

- This item will protect the person against a magic ball of priest.
- A magic ball of confusion will create a disturbance buff and allow the user to be immune to tracking buffs.

How to use a magic ball of confusion

After purchasing the item then double click to use it.
A disturbance buff will be displayed at upper screen and user will be immune to tracking effect as long as buff lasts.
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