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Thursday, 6. August 2015, 14:59

In-Game Rules

These rules apply to anytime you, the user, is logged into the Last Chaos servers.

#1 Account
You are permitted to actively play one character at a time. This means you may not have 2 characters leveling, farming, participating in monster combo, playing at sieges, or giving on site party for any reason.

#2 Number of authorized Connected Accounts
The player is allowed to use a maximum of 3 characters (per IP) at the same time in game on any channel. A maximum of two on the same channel at the same time. The third character must be on a separate channel. The number of connected accounts from a user must never exceed 3 total as specified above for any reasons. A character who is "offline" but yet still in the party/group or logged out is also considered as a connected person. So the player must make sure to leave the group or party before changing account or character to avoid exceeding the specified limit.

#3 Account Data
Each player is obligated to keep his or her account data private. You are not allowed to share them with third parties. You are furthermore not allowed to ask others for their account data. The Last Chaos team will never ask for your account data or the password to your account. If you give anyone your account data, we will not be responsible for lost items/characters or accounts.

#4 Using summon/spawn books
You are not permitted to use summon books near or inside cities or gates, near Teleporters or Raid/Chapel/Cube entrances, new player zones, inside temples, caves or tombs or with the sole purpose of griefing other players. If you summon a monster, you are required to remove it.

#5 AFK (Away From Keyboard) skilling, botting, farming, pet leveling, keyjamming
AFK Skilling, botting, farming, pet leveling, keyjamming and usage of Third Party Software is forbidden. Gaining anything other than in merchant mode while AFK is not permitted (such as moonstones from recommended server). If you are found AFK affinity or pet leveling, your pet will be removed and an unopened pet item put in its place, as well as normal account sanctions.

#6 In-game Chat
Chat spamming, chat about illegal activities, chat in a lewd manner, filter avoidance, or advertising/discussion of other games or sites is not permitted. Offensive and racist chat is never permitted. You are not allowed to publish any kind of personal information about another person. Obvious bullying, harassment and/or insults towards others will not be tolerated. You are to comply with GM's when they send warnings, reason will be given therein. Subsequent recurrence can result in a ban.

#7 Bugs
If you find a bug and use it to gain an advantage, your account can be deleted. Report bugs to a GM, the CoMa (via forum messaging) or to support. This includes Terrain exploiting/glitching.

#8 Cheating
You are not allowed to manipulate the client or any client files. Explaining to others how to alter their client is also forbidden, as is encouraging them to do so in any way. Using illegal software for Last Chaos that has not been designed by Gamigo AG, is not permitted. This also applies to the distribution of such software.

#9 Help from GMs
GMs are not allowed to give items, money or anything else to other players. You may not hinder a GM from carrying out his or her job, which also means attacking the GM's character. Giving wrong or misleading information to GMs on purpose is forbidden. If a GM addresses you on a server, you are obligated to answer or react. Complaints about staff must go through Customer Support with evidence.

#10 Trading/Selling/Merching
All trades are done at the users own risk, we will not get involved in player agreements or trades. Staff is not permitted to help with any in game trades nor handle disputes over agreements. Intentional scamming, if proven, is not tolerated and will result in ban plus account being cleaned of scammed gold or items worth the gold value at the discretion of gamigo as per current market value if the gold was spent or moved from the account.

#11 Trading Virtual Goods (including buying gold from 3rd Party Seller)
Trading virtual goods (including but not limited to gear, consumables, game gold, accounts, characters) or services (including but not limited to power leveling) for real money with any 3rd party is strictly forbidden, because it does serious damage to the game balance. If found to have violated this rule, the following actions will be taken:

Whoever is caught in selling virtual goods and / or services for real money will permanently lose all his game accounts without prior warning.
Whoever is caught in buying virtual goods and / or services for real money will permanently lose all his game accounts without prior warning.
Buyers may contact community management and ask for cleaning of one single account.
We may reject your request without explanation, especially if the trade was huge or if it is not your first time, but also if our current workload simply does not allow us to process your request.

If we accept your request, cleaning will involve setting the gold balance to 0, removing the value of virtual goods that had been acquired through the disallowed transaction and /or reducing the character level / quest / skills achieved. If the exact amount cannot be tracked, we may remove / reduce values based on our own estimation. As account cleaning includes additional manual work caused by your violation of rules, we are charging a fee of 5000 game cash per account involved in the cleaning process. If your account does not hold the required
game cash, it will be set to a negative balance and your account will remain locked until you pay the fee. Cleaning may take up to 15 business days. There will be no compensation for lost / expired items, attendance or other things during the waiting time.

#12 Unauthorized Assumption of Office
Anyone posing as GM, moderator or employee of gamigo, as well as anyone pretending to be such through a name or through conduct, will risk an instant ban of their account. Advertising a GM or staff member's alleged personal identity, private character, or guild is strictly prohibited. Starting or repeating a rumor of such is also prohibited. (More about GM's)

#13 Event / Game Feature Interference
You are not allowed to interfere with any Server or Game Master Event in a way that is purposefully disruptive to other participants. You may not use or abuse any game features to create a scenario that is logically not intended, even if technically possible and permitted by game design.

(Examples: Killing someone intentionally who needs to be protected. Killing players participating in a tournament. Supporting attackers while being a Defender or unregged in castle siege by means of partying together.)

According to the severity of the violation, the following sanctions are possible:

  • Warning
  • Temporary account ban
  • Permanent account ban
  • IP block
We reserve the right to modify these rules. You will find further rules of conduct in our general terms and conditions. These rules do not replace the Terms of Use, rather they add to them.

The reasons for a sanction will ALWAYS be sent by email. This is an automated process. That means it is important for you to register your correct email address in gamigo account system. If an email could not be received due to a wrong address, the Last Chaos team will not be responsible for sending out a reprimand.

Best regards,
The Last Chaos Team

Community Manager EN/ES/IT/PL
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