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Sunday, 9. August 2015, 20:28

Account Scam Prevention

Hello Irisians,

As many veteran LC players will tell you, there are many ways nefarious users will try to garner your account details. The most common ones will be listed here so you will not fall for them. We will also explain how to report these players so they are removed from our servers and no one else can fall victim to their scamming ways.

First and foremost, please understand that your login details are yours and yours alone. Willingly giving out your account details, whether by falling for one of these scams or choosing to share accounts, is not permitted and is a rules violation in and of itself. No one but YOU should ever have your login details for any reason.

That being said, if you do fall for one of these scams, we urge you to immediately report it via ticketing system. Please send account name, server, version, and email address on the account and the name of the character who scammed you, date and time the scam happened and your timezone if not in the same zone as your server. Explain how this occurred and request a lock on your account. There is no other avenue that will guarantee your account locked, this includes shouting in game for staff or messaging anyone on the forums.

The two most common types of scams are as follows:

  • Random add to friend list and claims of being a Game Master or other staff.
  1. All current Game Masters can be reviewed at anytime on the forums here: English | Team
  2. Real Game Masters will not ever add you to friends list.
  3. Real Game Masters will never ask for your password or email address on the account.
  4. Real Game Masters do not have [GM], |GM| or any other form of GM in front of their name.
  5. Real Game Masters will be in official gamigo uniform (purple robe for female chars, blue robe with white shorts for male chars).
  6. Real Game Masters will have on a white glow.
  7. Real Game Masters will be in GameMaster Guild and/or have GameMaster title on (some staff helping from other versions might not be in guild, but will have title on).
  8. If someone ever adds you to friends list and claims to be a Game Master and requests your information, please take a screen shot of the chat and report it immediately via ticketing system. You can also always tell if this scam is happening by viewing the amount of users in the chat room. It will look like 3 people, but only show 2. This is a red flag, do not close the window, do not give the user your information, simply screen shot the window and pass that along thought the ticketing system.

You may also send out a warning to your fellow players in world chat that a scammer is on the server and pass along the name that added you to friends list, not the supposed "GM name".
  • Request to download another programs to "show" how to log in and buy Game Cash or change password.
  1. It begins either by friends list add or request to be in guild.
  2. Simple questions are asked such as: age, location, level, how many in your guild, etc.
  3. Then innocently they will ask if you know how to purchase Game Cash. When you say yes, they ask if you can show them how.
  4. When you try to explain, they pretend not to understand and request you download software to screen share and show them. Anything that is not required by Last Chaos to run is considered Third Party Software and is against the Terms agreement.
  5. They then request you share the screen with them and show them using your account how to log into the portal or game.
  6. They then steal your information from the scree share and ultimately take over your account.

If you fall for this, immediately SS the friends list or guild chat and report it via ticketing. BEFORE confirming the error that pops n your screen. Follow the instructions above on what to include in your ticket for fastest response.

Please be aware that using the same login data here and elsewhere could lead to a compromised account. If you use the same username/password/email on other games which might not be as secure as another, and their database is compromised it could lead to your account here being compromised as well. It is advisable not to use the same login credentials for multiple things to prevent this issue.

It is advisable to change your password monthly, or more often if you feel you might have been breached in some way.

Please note that we will not replace any items removed from your account. These are not hacking issues, these are issues of you giving out account data that you are tasked with keeping secure. This amounts to account sharing, as no one should ever have access to your account details but you. We announce in game often to be safe with your account details, the rest is solely up to you and you alone.

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