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giovedì, 13. agosto 2015, 01:14

How to Report a Bug

Hello Lords and Ladies of Iris!

From time to time, you might happen upon a bug (not one you can squish under your boot) or issue that needs to be addressed. When this occurs, we would like to help so the problem can be resolved quickly and easily.

To do this, we will need you to collect some pertinent data and Private Message a Game Master, Moderator or even the Community Manager with the information gathered. This will help expedite the process of getting the issue resolved.

Please note bugs are NOT permitted to be posted in the public forums, so please send it via Private Message only. You can find a list of the Team Members here.

Helpful Information is listed below, do not fret if you cannot gather all the listed information. Sometimes items on the list are not involved in the issue. The more you can provide, the easier it will be for us to replicate the issue, document it and get it reported.

  • Short title of the issue (i.e. P2 Pet levelup issue)
  • Character name this issue occurred on
  • Version, Server and Channel the issue occurred on (i.e. US > Katrissa > 5)
  • Time and Date of issue, please include your timezone (i.e. EST, GMT+2, CEST, UTC-1)
  • What you were doing when the issue occurred? (i.e. standing in town or in Monster Combo)
  • Did this create a Errorlog.txt file or .dmp file? If yes, can you provide the file?
  • Operating System, Anti-Virus and Firewall you use. (in cases of disconnect or login problems)
  • Optional: Any potions or buffs used? (i.e. Crit Potion, Aura of Accuracy, Owl Affinity Pill)
  • Optional: Any other information you have that could potentially be relevant.
If you feel as though reporting this way is not for you, you are always welcome to report via the support system by going here: Customer Support.

Thank you very much for all your help,
Last Chaos Team
Community Manager EN/PL
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