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Monday, 28. September 2015, 14:56

US Merge FAQ

G'day Lords and Ladies of Iris,

In this thread, we will answer your questions to help assuage your concerns about the upcoming server merge of Katrissa and Ciraya. Please feel free to post in the Questions and Concerns thread or Private Message Fulminar, Raweno, iArches or myself any concerns you do not find here.

Q - What is the date of server merge?
A – October 7, 2015 at maintenance!

Q - How will names be handled?
A - Characters will get prefixed with [C] or [K] depending on your current server. Characters will receive free Character renaming tickets via Mysterious statue. Please note that they will need to be removed before the time expires. We will not give out others if you do not remove them from statue in time.

Note about Character names: Players who did not use their free renaming ticket after a character transfer, will neither be renamed nor will you get another renaming ticket, as you already have one which they can still use. Players who did not rename after last merge yet, will NOT get an additional renaming ticket, as you still have one to use. If you still have [N] or any other prefix, you will remain such.

Q - What about Guild Names?
A - Guild names will also be the same as above. Guild masters will receive free Guild rename tickets via Mysterious Statue. Please note that they will need to be removed before the time expires. We will not give out others if you do not remove them from statue in time.

Note about Guild names: Guilds will who still have their name prefix from old merge will not be renamed. Same as above.

Q - Is it first come first serve for names or in case a name gets stolen will support act upon it?
A - It will be handled on a first come first serve basis. There will be always the chance that other players might also like to choose "your" name, because it is just a cool name. If you find evidence, however, that another player took your name to intentionally harm you, we will support you as well as we can. You may also choose to keep the prefix in your name, as it can tell everyone "I am the original from this server". Also you can sell your rename-ticket then for a little gold to others and even make some profit.

Q - Do we need to remove items from the guild storage?
A - No. The guild will be moved in total. No guilds will be mixed. If you had a guilds on both Katrissa and Ciraya before, you will find both guilds with their respective members also after the merge including guild storage, guild logo, guild points, skills and everything else.

Q - What about people who have more than 8 character between the two servers?
A - You will be required to pick and choose which characters are important for you to keep, up to the total of 8. If you fail to delete the unwanted characters early enough (meaning they must be FULLY deleted before maintenance), we will delete the lowest level characters including everything in their inventories etc. If one of your characters is deleted and you did not want that one gone, you will be responsible to purchase a Rescue Deleted Character card within 30 days and restore your character yourself once you have made room on the account. If it is over 30 days, it cannot be restored at all. Sending tickets will not change this fact.

Q - How can I delete characters if I have over 8 and need to delete some from the paid slots?
A – We will activate slot extension automatically for everyone playing on US if there are more than 4 characters existing. So it's free!

3 Characters on K + 6 Characters on C= C unlocked only (totals 9 characters, only C is over original 4 slots)
5 Characters on K + 5 Characters on C= Both unlocked (totals 10 characters, both server over original 4 slots)
4 Characters on K + 4 Character on C= Neither Unlocked (totals 8 characters)
7 Characters on K + 1 Character on C= Neither unlocked (totals 8 characters)

Q – I just transferred my character from one server to the other! Will I get anything back for this move?
A - Previously purchased character transfers will get refunded once per character. If you took a roundtrip / shopping tour (transferred from Ciraya to Katrissa and back to Ciraya with the same character again for example) you do not get a refund for that. Also only transfers which happened after the last character gift will be taken into account, as we consider all previous transfers done by the old owner to be irrelevant for the new owner.

Note about refund: Refunds will be done between October 7th and 9th.

Q - What about player inventories?
A - Player inventories will remain untouched. Please make certain, however, to remove all items from characters you wish the system to delete for you, or you choose to delete yourself as this will not be kept.

Q - What about items in the Extra Inventory Bags, will they be okay?
A – These items will be fine as is.

Q - What about items in Storekeeper Bianca?
A - Stashes should be reduced to not exceed the limit with both servers combined. Overstocked items will be returned through mysterious statue to any of the existing characters (which may be not the one where you want them) on the account. This means if you have more than 300 items between the two server stashes combined, your items will go to the statue on a random character on your account

Q - What about items in Item Mall Records and Gifts?
A - These will be merged together. They will not need to be removed.

Q - What about items in Mysterious Statue or Traders?
A - Contents of Mysterious Statue and Traders will remain where they are, although you are free to remove them and take them back to inventory if it helps you feel better.

Q - Will time reset on duration items?
A – No, duration times will remain as is.

Q - Should we keep pets in the fairy or take them out to inventories?
A - We have successfully implemented individual account transfers from live servers to the VIP test server including the pets, which is quite frequently used without problems. We do not expect any issues with the pets during the merge. But as always, feel free to remove them if it helps you feel better.

Q - Since the limit is generally 1 NS per account, will the player get to keep both of them if they have one on each server?
A - Yes. Already existing Nightshadows will remain, but it still won't be possible to create additional ones after the merge. Only when you exceed your total amount of 8 characters and the Nightshadow is one of the lowest level characters on your account, it may be selected to be deleted by the system, but that may happen to every lowest level character no matter if it is a Nightshadow or not.

Q - What about attendance? If it takes too long and we cannot log in.
A - All attendance will be counted for that day, BUT activity is not automatically counted. So you will get attendance anyway, but not activity, if you do not play. You will be reset and have to start over for that if you do not get your 2-10% for the day. But we do not expect the maintenance taking that long.

Q – My guild owns MCS/DCS, what will happen now?
A – Both castle sieges will be reset and there will be no castle owners until first siege after merge. It will be an epic battle for all!

Q – My character is ranked in character ranking/PD4/Cube. What will happen now?
A – All in game rankings will be reset.

Coming soon! We will be able to link US accounts to EU accounts to use Game Cash on EU servers and much more! Stayed tuned to more news!

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