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Wednesday, 25. May 2016, 00:54

P1 Pets

P1- Pony / Horse / Knightmare and Hatchling / Drake / Dragon

Note: P2 Pets FAQ can be found here

What are Pets?

Pets are animals in the broadest sense. They are companions that can you help on your way and support you in battle with various abilities.
There are two types of Pets: Those who stand off to your side while you hunt monsters and giving you their passive abilities (P1-Pets) and the attack pets, also called P2-Pets.

What P1 Pets are there?

In the world of Last Chaos, there are two types of P1-Pets: horses and dragons.
The horse comes from a pan's flute and can develop from ponies to horse to a Knightmare (rideable horse).
The dragon is similar: He comes from a dragon egg. He goes from Hatchling to Drake to a rideable Dragon.
You do not necessarily have to make them mountable if you should prefer it to be useful as a companion.

Pony (left) and Hatchling (Right)

Horse (Left) and Dragon (Right)

How do I get a pony or a hatchling?
Hunting monsters will drop the items you need.

Pan Flute

Drake Egg

Once you have one of the two, an automatic quest will pop up on the right side of your screen, then go to Lorraine. She now has a new quest for you, and sends you to Dratan. Once there, you get the corresponding animals from Archaeologist Jajan.

How do I feed my P1-Pet?
They are very easy, as long as they are lower Level from your character. Both P1-Pets feed on stones, love energy elements as a treat and remain healthy with the help of herbs.
If you equip your P1-Pet, a small menu where you can control the food and the health of the pets appear. You can view the sympathy of your pets when you move the mouse pointer over the icon of the little animal in your inventory. The maximum of all three values is 100.
Double-click on the desired commodity (energy wave, herb or stone), and the corresponding score will be credited to your pet.
Warning: The Pet must be equipped for this!
Make sure that your pet will not starve! In this case it collects no more experience.
If it is low on Sympathy, it will not respond quickly or move fast.

Stones? Energy Waves? Herbs?
You can attain these raw materials in Juno or Dratan. You need to knives, picks or hammers and energy collectors for your class. This you can buy, for example in Geres in Randol at various NPCs. Please make certain to mouse over the picture of the item to make sure it is for your class before buying it.
Stones, herbs and energy elements are available in three different qualities.

Is your pet hungry? Stones will feed it, but only certain kinds. Flawed stones feed 1 point, Imperfect stone feed 3 points and Quality stones feed 5 points.

Here you can mine stones.

Is your pet hurt? Herbs will heal it! Yellow Herb leaves will do one point, Herb Trunks will do 3 points and Green Herb Leaf will do 5 points.

Here you can gather herbs.

Do you want to increase the Sympathy of your P1-Pets to you? Feed them energy waves! Zeta Waves increase sympathy by 1 point, Epsilon Waves increase it by 3 points and Gamma Waves increase it by 5 points.

Here is where you can gather energy waves.

How does my pet gain experience to level?
Both horses dragons can only grow if they have gained the necessary experience for a Level - just like your character.
Ideally, they like it if you let them watch while hunting monsters. For this, you only need to equip them, then they run along beside you and learn.
The P1-Pets get about 1 experience point for every 3 seconds of fighting you do. But only if you do regular hits. When you skill, the time is stopped. Your pet will not gain experience if you fight blue names monsters, they are too low of a level. So take care that the monsters that hunt you at least have a green name (a maximum of five levels below your character).
As your Pet accumulates enough experience, it will gain a level.
When it reaches level 16, the animal changes: It will grow. From a pony to a horse , from a hatchling to a drake. Now the pet is a little bigger. However, this is the only change affecting the whole animal.
Your P1-Pet can still have a second growth spurt. That's your choice. It only grows if you do Mount Training, which at level 31 is the earliest possible level.

Can it level faster?
Yes. In Item Shop there are Pet experience pills that increase the growth of your experience by 200% for three hours . If you do not want to do three hours, you can also use a platinum pet experience pill. With this, your pet will get 300% experience for one hour.
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Wednesday, 25. May 2016, 01:07

P1 Pets Continued

Can a P1-Pet do anything?
With each Level, your pet will receive a technical point. You can train your pet at the animal trainer and learn to let your Pet certain skills. It can offer you either in combat protection or increase your attack power.

Speak to the animal trainer and choose the menu "Pet Training".

In this menu, you can choose which passive skills your would like your companions have to assist you.

If the skill is grayed out, the P1-Pet can only learn if it is a mount.

There are some commands that cost no skill points. Your P1-Pet gets these automatically when he levels, but you can also get them from the animal trainer. These commands have no benefit in the fight, but look pretty.

Here you can see the social commands for a horse(left) and dragon(right).

Your pet can also help you. Sometimes, it is annoying when you have to bend down to pick up drops. It takes time and sometimes perhaps also the life of your character. With a simple command you can ensure that your companion picks up the drops for you.
Open the Action menu (button J).
Scroll down a bit until you see "P1 Pet Pickup", it can be found on the right side. It is the icon with the coin and the blue claw. Drag this icon to your Quick Access Toolbar.

As long as you have your pet equipped and press the key you have pet pickup assigned to, he collects the drops lying around for you.

My pet has died! What do I do now?
First of all: Do not panic! You do not have to start running immediately and find the next dragon egg or the pan flute. You can simply resurrect your pet.
You will have two options, you can either fight for 12 hours (the timer does not count down by being in town, only by actively fighting) or you're off to the animal trainer. Talk to him and choose the menu item "Release Sealed Pet".
It will open another window. Drag and drop the icon of your deceased pet here.
Warning: The Pet must not be equipped if you want to release it!
For the revival, however, the animal trainer requires a fee which depends on the level of your pets. The higher the level, the higher the price of the revival.

Can I sell my pets?
Yes, this is possible. One condition is linked to it: As a seller, you must have the animal trainer reset all skills that your pet has already learned. Otherwise, the Trade or sale is not possible.
The buyer can then re-distribute the points again.
Note: You can never have more than two P1-Pets simultaneously in your inventory have. So if you want to buy such a creature, you should make sure beforehand that you have only a P1-Pet in the inventory.

**Note: Pets are not storable.**

Are all horses and dragons the same color?
Basically, yes. Dragons are red/orange in color, and horses are brown. But with the help of Pet Coloring Crystals or design cards, you can customize your pet. For the horses there are also skins with special patterns.
You can purchase all of these items in the Item Shop.
With the Pet Coloring Crystal, you change the color of your pets.

Pet Coloring Crystal.

To use a Pet Coloring Crystal, equip your pet, then double click the crystal in your inventory. You will then get the following message:

You confirm with "Yes", get your pet a new color.

The design card also gives you the opportunity to give your companion a pattern. Note that you can only apply Design Cards to the mounted dragon. The hatchling and Drake are simply too small to carry the load of a pattern.

For the Horse Mount, there are many cards, such as the one below:

What happens if I change my pet to a mount?
A Mount gathers no more experience . As soon as you dismount, it is put back into your inventory.
Another difference is that the fighting skills of an unmounted P1-companion are all passive and you do not have to separately activate.
A mount can learn skills. However, these are mostly active. This means that you have to activate them so that they are effective.
A horse has buffs that you can be useful in the fight and increase your defense and your attack power for a certain time.

The Skills of a dragon are more offensive in nature. They damage or weaken an enemy before you attack it.

The Skills You have to activate manually. For this you open the Pet menu with the P button and choose the tab "skills". You trigger the Skills by clicking on the respective icon.

Can I change my mount back to the unmount if I change my mind?
Yes, this is possible. All you need is the "Pet Mount retraining card," which you can buy in the Item Shop.
**Note: If you re-do your mount to the companion, it loses its color and its name!**

What does it mean to sacrifice an animal?
The sacrifice of a P1-Pets can bring you different items that you need for preparing special armor or weapon.
With these items, you can make Dragon Weapons or Horse Armor. Speak to the animal trainer to find out what items you need. Warning: Some of these are quite rare, others you can find only by you sacrificing a P1-Pet. Some you can also get out of the boxes of some of the Affinity systems - as long as you have reached enough points that it unlocks the merchant for you.
Also note that you can not get the objects of a dragon get from a horse, and vice versa.
Not every sacrifice is successful. The higher the level of the P1-Pets, the more likely it is that you receive an item from it. Yet there is also the chance that you go out empty.

What is special about the horse armor and dragon weapons?
Primarily the look. But even in their own way they are unique. You can not produce them yourself, they will not be dropped and they are account bound. Although they have no plus, it is as if they were upgraded to +15.
These particular items do not have a Level. Your level is always equal to the carrier.
You may not sell them to the NPC or trade them to another player.

Here are each an example of a dragon weapon and horse armor:

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