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Thursday, 11. February 2016, 14:25

Volunteer Staff Part 1

Hello Irisians, Lords and Ladies.

Today we're gonna talk about how generally the volunteer staff of a gamigo game spend its time during the week.

We are going to talk about this because most of the time we receive questions about how is to be a Game Master and how we spend our time as a staff members. This is why we are going to take some time talking about the Staff in general.

There are a lot of reasons why someone should be a volunteer into a game , for example helping players. But not only to help the players, but help the game, the company and why not, to expand their experience. Many of Game Masters decide to take this opportunity to expand their knowledge about the game and about how things works behind the scenes.

A staff have different duties. The Staff on Last Chaos, like on any other game of course, has the duty to make sure the rules are being respected, to give support to those players which need it, test features and bugs and of course to entertain the players with ingame events.

This is what a Game Master and a Moderator does during a week. It doesn't mean that a single person in a staff does all these stuff, this because isn't possible humanly for one person to do this.

That's why we call ourselves "Team". We always work in team. Not all of us do all the things above in one week. Everyone in our team have own tasks. There is someone who have the task to post events, then there is someone which have the task to organize monthly events, and so on. There are a lot of tasks which a staff member could have!

Ok, this is what a team does weekly. But, maybe some of you are asking themselves why there are GMs (Game Masters), GAs (Game Admins) and MODs (Moderators) which have the same task but they are called in a different way.

Well, that's a legit question. I would ask myself the same question if I would be an outsider.

It's pretty easy why we have different ranks.

Like I said above, we have all different tasks, that is correct. But the difference between Game Master/Game Admin and Moderator is one: a Game Master/Game Admin not only have to make sure the rules are being respected, but have also the task to give support ingame and entertain players with ingame events. In the meanwhile a Moderator is responsible only for the forum. This means that a Moderator does not do ingame events, does not give ingame support and does not test any bug or features.

Ok, the main activity of a Game Master/Game Admin is ingame activity while the one of a Moderator is a forum activity. But I bet some of you are asking themselves what's the difference between Game Master and Game Admin.

Oh yeah, that's a nice question! The difference is a very small one but important. Game Admins are above the Game Master, but this doesn't mean that they give orders to the others. This means that they have more responsibilities and powers. For example a Game Admin will handle Spawn Events ingame. A Game Admin is also a person of reference because isn't easy to become one. You have to be a trusty person, respect rules and of course being impartial. But the last one is required for every single member of a staff.

Of course as a Game Admin there are few more things which you can do on the test server. But we will talk about this an another day.

But now lets just describe a typical week of a staff.

Lets start from the beginning. A Game Master, like I already said, have the task to give support to players. A Game Master usually do it ingame by talking with players. This because not everyone know how to move on forums.

They also have the duty to entertain the players with events and minievents. Of course this doesn't mean that the players which participate at the events doesn't receive anything. They get rewards if they deserve them.

Now comes the hidden part of this job... the tests.

Oh yes. A Game Master/Game Admin have to test bugs and features on our test server. This is such important as the other duties. We will talk more about all this part of the job later... not today, maybe tomorrow. Who knows... :P

A moderator has the same typical week as a Game Master, but less duties then a Game Master. A Moderator has to give support to players on forum. This can be privately or publicly. And of course they have to make sure everyone respects the rules on our forums. But they usually don't participate at ingame duties, live or test server. I say usually because we may need their help, or maybe they may just ask us to participate ingame. No one says no! :P

Sometimes we end up our ingame activities with some questions which players ask us. One of them is we have time to play on our personal chars.

This one is a very good question! As a staff member you are a volunteer which spend some time to do some "official duties". This means that you can play with your own personal character whenever you want. All that a staff member have to do is handle the own time to spend in a day and in a week. We have a certain period of time to dedicate to our "job".

This is all for today, but isn't over! We still have to continue our talk about a volunteer staff here at gamigo. This is just the beginning, there are a lot of things about we can still talk, and guess what... we will talk about most of them. :P

... written in Italian by Kanon (Community Manager of Last Chaos)
... English translation by Kanon (Community Manager of Last Chaos)

Community Manager EN/ES/IT/PL/RU
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