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Friday, 12. February 2016, 14:36

Volunteer Staff Part 2

Quoted from "Kanon"

Hello again,

In the previous thread we started to talk about how a staff spends its time in a week and about our ranks inside the staff.
Today we are going to continue the previous talk! ;)

Lets continue by saying that isn't easy to become a GM. Isn't like you apply, we let you come in our voice server (which we will talk about it later of course) and ask you two questions about you. No no... :)

Once you pass our voice interview you will start your trial time. This means that for a short period of time you will just come in voice server and hear what the rest of the staff is talking about, and hey, ask questions. This person will become a NG (New GameMaster).

Hang on, isn't over yet. After this short period of time, the NG will become a T (Tester). The first "official" action as a GM will be on our test server. There you will create your first test character and get the hands on your first powers as a GM. Can't really tell you much about this, after all is something which only a staff member should know more.

At the end of this period of time (NG and T time), he will become a TGM (Trial Game Master). This means that his duties will be even on our live server. During this period of time he will be assisted by a senior GM.

I can't tell the same about our Moderators. They first become NM (New Moderator). During this period of time he will be there to listen us and ask questions. Then he will become a TMod (Trial Moderator). From now on he will start his duties as a Moderator.

We've been talking about our ranks, our typical week, but we didn't talk yet about our test server.

Well, there are a lot of things which we can talk about this test server. Let's start from saying that the main activity of our staffs is there. We test any new features which will become part of the game, and in the same time we test every single report about bugs which we get from players.
This means that a GM will always know what features will be introduced in the game. Of course any staff member will not have the time to enjoy them, after all we have to test them. The staff have to be sure that there won't be any new bugs introduced in the game. Oh by the way, if it happens it isn't because we just didn't test them, is because testing everything, even those things which haven't been changed isn't easy. But lets all remember that we are still human, and yet we can make few mistakes.

Let's say we found a bug. We have to report it immediately. And reporting it means testing it on our test server and creating a ticket on our bugtracker.

There isn't much to say about this tool.

When we find out any bug we have to report it to our superiors. This means that we have to give as many as possible informations about the bug, like where it happens, when, how to do it, using what item, and so
on. This report will be made, like I've already said few lines above, in our bugtracker. Then this report will be forwarded by the CM to the PM. Then our PM will forward the report to the developer team. After this all we can do is sit and wait for the dev team to fix it.

We're done I believe. Oh no wait, we still have to talk about our voice server. :D

As I already stated, we use a voice server even for the interview of those of you which decide to try to become a GM. But this isn't the only reason, on contrary, is one of the many reasons. Infact we use a voice server everytime we want to do something with our GM. This because we want to stay in contact all the time with each other so we can coordinate together and work as a team. We even do internal meetings where we speak about our week, we describe our aims and of course we talk about anything. When I say anything, I mean it. We talk about food, other games, technology, computers, EVERYTHING. :D

It's also a way to interact with each other and just relax.

Oh, there is a special question I would like to answer: "Would you recommend trying to become a staff member?"

Yes and No. Isn't something which we can just recommend. Is something which you WANT. Look inside you and ask yourself these questions: "Am I ready to go to the next level? Can I help others? I have the desire to see this game growing up? Can I do the difference?".

All these questions are important. If the answer to all these questions is Yes, then hey, apply, NOW. If the answer of even one of them is No, then just don't even think at it. You would just take precious time to the others.

Remember, being a staff member means that you like helping others, and that you want to help in making the game grow.

Well, this is all. At least for the moment. Let us know if you have more questions about the team. We will take some more time in making Part 3, if needed.

... written in Italian by Kanon (Community Manager of Last Chaos)
... English translation by Kanon (Community Manager of Last Chaos)

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