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Wednesday, 17. February 2016, 15:23

Computer Safety Basics Part 1

Quoted from "Vilya"

Hello Irisians,

Today we will discuss simple and basic methods to keep your computer safe while you’re online, be it gaming or surfing.

What is Adware?

Have you ever done a search for something online, say a car, and then it seems all ads you come across from there on are gear towards car buying? Welcome to the invasive world of Adware! Many companies use adware to watch your browsing history, then they use that knowledge to point all your ads towards your searches. Sometimes it works, other times it’s just simply annoying to see ad after ad about something you searched out of curiosity not sincerity.

While this is generally not a big deal, it can be embarrassing if you’ve searched something quite personal and someone else uses your computer at a later time. Adware can be helpful as well, informing companies of what is selling and what is not.

Most time you can clear these ads, or reset them if you will, by clearing cache and cookies in your browser and starting fresh.

What is MalWare/Spyware?

Malware is even more invasive than adware. Malware quite literally stands for Malicious (Mal) Software (Ware). These are files, programs and more whose sole purpose is to damage your computer or do other unwanted things on your computer. Viruses, Trojans (RATs), Worms and Spyware all fall into this category. Each of these is horrible in its own way. Viruses can delete files and render your program, or operating system, useless. Trojans are generally remotely accessed and can open a virtual door to your computer for another user. Worms replicate themselves and spread form your system to infect other systems, be they on your own VPN or through email programs to other users. Spyware is generally the one used to steal your personal data by spying on your habits, logins and more and relaying them to another user.

Oh noes! What can I do?

Fortunately for all users, there are some nice free scanners out there that you can run as often as you like to make sure none of these nasty buggies are on your system. Leaving them on your system, even if dormant, can result in a slowed down system and a chance at them being used at some point in the future.

Most Anti-Virus scanners will also scan for known malware and spyware, although there are also programs geared specifically for those. You can find antivirus programs that are geared more towards online gaming (so each time you get an update to your game, the proverbial sirens do no go off and quarantine all your files). Or, if you prefer, you can find anti-virus programs more apt to protect Fort Knox. There are plenty of choices, both free and subscription.

The same can be said for Malware/Adware. There are so many free programs, most will have what’s called a “tea time” support, which means means it runs in the background all the time and checks each thing you do for nefarious programs and files.

Stay tuned for part 2 for more information on computer safety. You can never be too safe!

... written in English by Vilya (Community Manager of Last Chaos)
... English translation by Vilya (Community Manager of Last Chaos)

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