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Tuesday, 12. April 2016, 22:03

Game Start and Login

Learning the basics of any new game can be stressful, so we are here to provide you with some basic information to help ease you into the gameplay and help you along your way to becoming a Pro LC-er in no time!

If you have not made your account yet, here is how you do it: New Gamigo Account and Last Chaos Game Account



Honestly though, another great way to introduce yourself to the game is to begin playing.

Getting to know the Launcher

Here you can Set your screen resolution (don't forget to save!) and check important links. Once you click "Start", it will take you to the login screen.

Once you have entered your username and password, you should notice something like the image below. Please note that the login data is Case Sensitive! These are six channels to choose from depending on how you would like to play.

Channel 1 : PvP: Player versus Player features are available.
Channel 2 : Non-PvP : Features content for new players including a buff from an NPC to aid low level players.
Channel 3 : PvP: Features extreme Cube & Raid Dungeons
Channel 4 : PvP: Includes Sieges & Royal Rumble & the Alber map
Channel 5 : Non PvP: Only PvE, or player versus environment style combat.
Channel 6 : PvP: Player versus Player is available here.

But don't worry! Your character is only server bound. Meaning, you can play a character on any channel you would like while keeping the same character information.


Now it's time to create a character!

In Last Chaos you have eight different classes to choose from: Titan, Knight, Healer, Mage, Rogue, Sorcerer, ex- rouge and

If one of your characters reaches level 90, you will have the option to create one more class, namely the Nightshadow.

Each class has its own advantages and disadvantages. When selecting a class, you will receive
a little info about the character and its dual class on the left hand side.

For more information on character classes please see the Character Class Information .


Not to worry. If you clicked on a character in the character selection screen and accidentally pressed the "Delete" button, a confirmation window appears. Only if you acknowledge this with "Yes", will the deletion begin.

The character contained in deletion is now shown as a silhouette.
In the upper left corner of your screen a countdown appears. Only after 24 hours, is the character actually deleted.So you do have time to change your mind.

If you do change your mind, just click on the appropriate character and then press the "Delete" button again.
A confirmation window will appear , just click on "Yes", and the delete operation will be canceled, and your character is retained.


Learn all about your user interface.

here is the overview and description on the GUI:

This is your character info.
At the very top you have your characters name,
Below that is a red HP bar this represents your health .
Next is a blue MP bar this lets you know how much Mana your character has.
The grey bar below that shows your level progress.
The curved bar at the bottom fills when you kill monsters. Once filled you can activate it to gain temporary stat bonuses. It is called the Ignition Bar.

Located in the small circle next to your characters picture is your current level.

The round box to the left of that illuminates when just is Dungeon time.
At these times, you get more EXP if you find yourself in a dungeon.
Point your mouse over the small display panel to find out in which dungeons you get more EXP.

This is the chat window.

All information about Chat Features can be found in the FAQ.

The Minimap Information:

The server/game time**(see note below) is illustrated in the top right corner of your screen . It is in order of year - day - - hour and specified month.
The green numbers are the coordinates at which your character is currently located.
Below that is your radar, here you can see NPC's, group members and also monsters that are in your area.
Below the radar indicates the name of the server and the number of the channel on which you are playing.

This flashing boxes on the right side of the screen accomplish various things.
The "Light Bulb" is the My LastChaos Popup, it has information on the Gold Lottery, Friend referral system, items for purchase with reward and loyalty points, and Daily Login Bonus items.
The "Exclamation Point" is where important announcements can be found.
The "E" Icon is where you can find information on Server Events or other important information.
The "Scroll Icon" is where quests will popup for your level. There are some Quests that will only be able to be received via this icon.

Server Notification Features and My Lastchaos Popup Explain more about some of the features.

QuickSlot Toolbars

An important element in the game is your skill or Quick Access Toolbar. In the world of Last Chaos, you will learn many skills that you can use quickly and easily with the help of this bar. The bar is extendable to three bars, so anything that is important to you, you can place in the bar.

Bar 1 is unmovable, Bar 2 and 3 can be moved anywhere on your screen. The bars can also be locked to avoid inadvertent removal of items/skills.

Via the round button on the left side of the bar you can get access to the Item Shop. Here you can find many items that will increase your skills and abilities. To get Last Chaos Cash, you need only pay a certain amount of money.

Also from this bar you can access the Online Shop, to use it you need to buy Last Chaos Cash first.
For this you can either go to the My Gamigo page or purchase the Cash in the Item Shop by pressing the "Cash Charge" button.

There are different payment methods that you can use according to your location.

Spending Game Cash for the first time will earn you a First Time Buyers Package Information .


An NPC who has a task for you will have the luminous Q above his head. Click on him/her to bring up a dialogue box and activate a quest

Also you can see if there is a quest for you somewhere by looking at the map. Again, if there are quests available you will see a Q. To open the map press the M key and look for:

Your Last Chaos Team

**EDIT: The server/game time clock in your game client reflects the time in your location and not the time of the actual server. The actual server time is EDT/EST for US server, CET/CEST for EU, PL, ES/IT, DE and FR, and MSK for RU. Logging into another server will still reflect your actual time and NOT the correct server time. This means if the time showing in the game will always reflect the exact time on your house clocks or PC no matter which server you have logged into.

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