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20.04.2016, 12:00

Char gifting


Instead of doing away with the char gifting we can have a time slot once may be twice in a month to make char gifting transaction and a GM could oversee that so there won't be fraudulent transactions, i know it's too late but with a hope that it could be brought back :P

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20.04.2016, 16:00

I think that your suggestion has merit. I never liked the idea that a few dishonest people could ruin it for the majority who play this game straight up. I hope that some kind of work around could be made for what I thought was a great transaction idea. There are always going to be a few that try to take advantage of a good thing.

I would rather see Gamigo (if at all possible) figure a way to safe guard honest folks from fraud and maybe even penalize those that create these type of problems. Not that they haven't tried. But Its still a shame that everyone has to suffer for the few.

"Every time a piece of this game is removed because of dishonesty it gives us pause about this, the integrity of our gaming community...once again grim reality slips in."

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Community Manager (en/es/it/pl/ru)

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20.04.2016, 16:05

Game Masters and staff will not get involved in personal trades or agreements. This item was for gifting, not trading or selling.

Fraud does not only happen with in game items, so that is another issue entirely.

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