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Friday, 22. April 2016, 21:22

Trojan issues for some players

Today had guildies try to come into the game that were on line yesterday with no issues. Today they can't seem to enter game, spyware showing trojan problems. They have uninstalled all files and then downloaded and installed, still issues are showing up. Is anyone else having these problems and if so anyone know why? :(

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Friday, 22. April 2016, 21:40

Some antivirus software will do a fake positive with some of LC's files. Just make sure you have LC in exemptions. If your antivirus software took the file you have to go to quarantine and get it back. You also might have to do a reinstall after you added LC to exemptions. I hope this helps your guildie.

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Friday, 22. April 2016, 22:25

I've had the issue with "trojans" today too, my laptop decided that both nksp and another file in the LC folders were trojans, restoring them doesn't seem to help myself at least with this issue, because even if restored, you can't get past X-Trap starting up, most likely because it thinks the game has been altered.

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Friday, 22. April 2016, 23:59

If i have problems today i will spaz out. I been fighting my pc to run LC all week. 2 days ago I had tons of errors from reinstalling so many times and maybe cause norton was eating all the files. I did something to my pc at some point that i thought I was needing a factory reset. Well think i got around that but have not tryed to log in yet...

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Saturday, 23. April 2016, 07:00

because even if restored, you can't get past X-Trap starting up, most likely because it thinks the game has been altered.
Even if you restore them, still the modification/creation day is altered, so that not always works.

A solution would be to keep a copy of lc file in another part of your hard disk or another pc, so if you need to restore certain files or .dll you'll be sure they're the original ones and they'll work.

As for norton... it's simply tooooo baaaad antivirus :P
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Saturday, 23. April 2016, 15:05

restore certain files or .dll
Actually, this will not work as these are the files that are being blocked due to be updated. Therefore they will STILL be updated again or the game simply will error because the client was altered.

You need the NEW file to be placed into the exception folder or this issue will simply perpetuate itself. The overall issue is with the way some anti-viruses scan heuristically instead of true.

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Sunday, 24. April 2016, 18:02

The Trojan Horse Virus problem

This is an old problem and is not hard to get rid of.
Vilya helped me with this years ago ....I have Norton as a VC.

First> I simply went to the settings portion of my Norton software and made the entire Gamigo directory an exception or exclusion. Meaning, anything coming in and going to that file is to be let through (Your telling you Virus Checker that all files going to the Gamigo directory are to be Excluded from the routine security checks and let through).

Second> I deleted my Gamigo Game file
Then I downloaded the game which recreated my Gamigo file.

Third>I then rebooted my computer and after that the game came up like the problem never happened.

Norton has a website and a sign up free membership. In there (among other helpful things to know about your VC software) they actually take you through the steps for this problem. It seems like several Gamers (early on) had complained to Norton about this problem and Norton decided to give a step by step on how to rectify this problem without compromising your PC security.

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