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  • "Amtty" started this thread

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Friday, 20. May 2016, 11:51

Since ms are just bad on success tbh ,how about an event to increase the odds ? Seems fair enough to do so . Master stones are not cheap to buy neither gold or ic .We do not want and easy game to play but sure want a fair way to do things and keep the few players left in the game happy 20master stones fail vs 1 success is a bit over the limit.
I think that would be a nice idea, a way to help both sides.
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This post by "AnotherUser" (Friday, 20. May 2016, 23:32) has been deleted by user "Scimitar" (Wednesday, 22. March 2017, 23:23)

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Saturday, 21. May 2016, 01:07

It's just that without 100% cast it doesn't rlly matter what class you play in my eyes..
Ok some have usefull buffs and more att speed or whatever, but in the end it's all based on basic attacks.
I think just changing back to 100% cast alone would bring back alot of people.
Because let's face it I have nothing against the new company, but since they took over alot of people left for reasons.
Gamigo might not like changing some stuff, but more people = more fun for us and more income for the company.

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Rising Star

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Monday, 23. May 2016, 03:53

In the suggested dress format:
1. I like the master stones, but I will like them more if they were not bonding the equipment. That way I could find easier gear that I need and also sell gear that I no longer need. As it is right now I only use MS on the 173-175 set as imho that is a good enough set and as of now it is the last set I'm going to use unless the lvl cap os raised and better sets are introduced.
2. I like the master stones, but I will like them more if they were not only available for IC buyers as right now they kind of set in concrete the saying that LS is free to play, but pay to win. (I do not consider playing LacaBall with gold tokens or perfect moonstones to get one a reasonable chance to obtain them).
3. I like the master stones, but I will like them more if they were more reasonably priced by players shops. After all 2+ billions for an item that have only 1/3 chance to successfully add +1 to your gear sounds ridiculous. In the case above presented by Willito5 assuming all 20 MS failed to "no change" and none of them to "-1" this one success would have cost him/her more that 400 billions gold for a single +1. Is that a reasonable expense?

Criticism without suggestion is not a productive one - I get that, but I'm not gonna waste your and my time to retype the multiple suggestions already made by other players. They are out there, some very good and reasonable, some clearly crazy.

Well, enjoy and have fun.

AP or not AP? (Now IC or not IC?) That is the question...
It is hard to fight armed with that when your opponent is armed like this:
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