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Héros plein d'avenir

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Messages: 132

Date d'inscription: 14/07/2015

Lieu: Bristol

Profession: IT

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22 May 2016 23:13

Mooncake Success rate

Out of interest, has anybody estimated the success rate for making mooncakes at Lorraine and, if so, do you get around 70% success as she implies? I may just be unlucky but I have had three sessions with different characters over the last two days, and my success rate has been more like 45 to 50%. I know this doesn't really matter, as the ingredients have no value other than in making mooncakes, but it seems like another example where real life rates are worse than those advertised...

(You're not paranoid if they really are out to get you... ;( )

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Héros plein d'avenir

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Date d'inscription: 19/07/2015

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22 May 2016 23:51

I find that i get a higher sucessrate when i make the cakes on a noobie. I also get more luck on even minutes but its not science. When i get 3 fails in a row, i clear the screen from windows that popped up from baking and that usually helps a bit. I know yada yada supersticion. But thats me. :whistling:

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