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Mittwoch, 23. November 2016, 11:12

FAQ - Rummage Sale

What is a Rummage Item in the Item Mall?

Whenever there is a Rummage Sale announced, it means there are additional items placed into the in-game item shop in all of the categories. The are represented by an icon of a small healing potion and have a very high Iris Cash price. This is what a Rummage Sale item looks like. You can check the contents of that package if you click the blue scroll next to it (it will show you what is in that Rummage item).

How do I buy a Rummage Sale item / package?

At random times the Rummage Sale is being refreshed. This means a certain amount of the Rummage Sale items will reduce in price to be purchased. This not only allows you to get very nice items at a very cheap cash price, but also some very rare items. They are however limited and once the stock is out, the package cannot be purchased anymore.
These items will not be restocked.

During a Rummage refresh, there is a server wide announcement made and once you see it you have to be very fast to buy it. You will notice the price change on some of them during each Rummage refresh.


During the Rummage Sale, there can be some lag spikes on the server due to the amount of items bought.This can lead to multiple purchases of an item. Be therefore very cautious and only click the "buy" button once. Bought items will not be refunded.

Can I add the Rummage Sale packages to my item wishlist?

To avoid any benefits for players who add such items to the wishlist and therefore buy them first, the wishlist is being regularly wiped empty so that everyone has a fair chance to buy the Rummage Sale item when it's on sale.

We wish you a lot of fun and good luck with your purchases!
Your Last Chaos Team
Game Admin Last Chaos NA / PL
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