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  • "sinzpiration" started this thread

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Monday, 19. December 2016, 17:13

Money Making Guide?

Any experienced players out there have any tips for money making for new players, intermediate and high level players? That DO NOT include paying real money for cash shop items or having a maxed char run through monster combo... My best money making method used to be temple of forgetfulness farming for lvl 69 weapons and then selling to the vendor, but they seemed to have reduced the vendor prices by a SIGNIFICANT amount that makes it almost not even worth doing anymore... I just don't know how to make money in this game, I have a lvl 60 character and a 120 but am stuck because of not having $ to buy Good gear to survive at such a level. Please someone out there reply and shed light on this matter... I know myself and PLENTY of others out there are probably wondering the same thing and don't have infinite funds to dump into the cash shop to sell xpb's and other stuff like that. Thank you in advance.

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Monday, 19. December 2016, 17:39

Plague Harpy and Claw Harpy could be interesting for your lvl 120 character.

The pricec on the market are playerdriven and should be regulated by them.

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Monday, 19. December 2016, 20:56

Admittedly, it's quite hard to downright farm any decent amount of gold on the old servers. After 10 years, the player market has pushed the prices way past it's breaking point. ToF is still decent for pure gold farming, but with the prices as high as they are, it's not viable if you want to play the old servers.

Most of the better ways to farm gold on the old servers either require extreme patience or that you already are higher lvl. As soon as you can kill the Elemental Map Bosses, you can farm useful items from them and sell for profit (though you will need to contend with other players to hunt the bosses). It is also possible to farm some money in Ramslo's Underground Laboratory, but since this is a 175 Raid, it's not an option for you (just pointing out that it IS an option for others who might wonder).

If you have a lvl 93 - 110 Character, you can always do Akan runs and try to sell your drops and/or Soul Skill Books, which can generate some gold, but even this isn't as viable as it used to be since there are less players on the server to buy your Skill Books.

Your best bet at any lvl would be to open Affinity Shops to buy and re-sell potions or other useful items. A good affinity for this purpose early on is the Sin Killer Affinity, which can be farmed in Velpist Temple and Procyon Shrine (once u have unlocked it ofc). The Affinity has no lvl requirement and gives Super Haste Potions, Damage Boosters and Blessed Bottles, which can all be sold for a few mil each. Later on, viable options for this method includes the Black Fog (Strayana and Trivia Valley) and the Lakin Guards (Tarian) affinities, which both give good items as long as one has a small starting capital to invest in their boxes with.

Aside from this, you can always make sure to go to the Quizes and try to win some Heaven Stones and sell them, or attend other Game Master hosted events, which can also gives some decent prices to sell. The krux of the matter is that you need to generate or get your hands on items that can be re-sold, without spending too much money on obtaining it.

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Monday, 19. December 2016, 21:56

Its pointless to work ur butt on any of affinity shops - u cant make good money out of it.
At this lvl I think ur best choice is to hunt low lvl stuffs ( eyes/orbs etc) or join mc.

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Tuesday, 20. December 2016, 08:04

All I can suggest, is to use Lucky Spell Book (LSB), and gold Boosters, to incrfease gold drops, while NPC'ing your gear drops, to help a little. Sorry. :(

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Tuesday, 20. December 2016, 08:41

One side benefit of opening and affinity shop is you get more gold for the items you npc. Is it worth it? Who knows at this point. Sooner or later demand for all but the essential items will dry up. Sadly most of those items are item mall based. except potions which a few are available through affinity shops. The thing is how much gold will it take to open one of those shops? At least you can kill mobs ad nauseam until you open one since buying the items now is pretty much out of the picture since you want to use your gold efficiently now getting the items you need to level and equip yourself.

The lucky spell book is a good suggestion for grinding. There are not many gold boosters out there so they will be of limited use. It has been a long time since idb have been useful once prices exceeded the gold gained from the gear they ceased to become a useful money making item. The only reason to use idb is if you are looking for a particular piece of gear that the market can't supply...

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