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Mittwoch, 22. Februar 2017, 09:17

Costume Creation and Duration Extend Item

Armor Costume Creation

Have you always wanted to make an armor piece into a costume. Now you can.

To turn your armor piece into a costume go to Transmuter in Juno and double click.

Go down to Transmogrify Item.

Now drag the piece of armor into the box and click confirm.

When it is complete you will see:

The Armor piece will turn into a 1 day costume. The seals on the costume are:

*UPGRADED, JEWELED and PRS'd items CAN be changed and we will NOT be replacing these items if you choose to use them. Please be careful in your choices, as they will disappear when the costume timer is up.*

Extend the Duration of Armor Costume, C2 Costumes, and pet gear.

Go to Transmuter.

Go down to Extend in the menu.

You will see:

Put armor costume, c2 costume, or pet gear piece in the slot and choose 1 day, 7 day or 30 day.

Now click confirm and this will pop up as confirmation:

You will need the Duration Extender.

Each armor costume piece or pet gear item will need the following amount of costume duration extenders:

1 day = 1 duration extender
7 days= 7 duration extenders
30 days = 30 duration extenders

C2 costumes are a little different since there is 5 pieces to the C2 so the amount will be as follows:

1 day= 5 duration extenders
7 days= 35 duration extenders
30 days= 150 duration extenders
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