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Freitag, 10. März 2017, 15:09

How to make a Poll

Hello Irisians,

This section of the forum is for idea sharing through suggestion threads. The original poster should make a poll as they post their suggestion.

First, you must click "New Thread", this will open your editor to create a thread.

This is the window you will see.

1) Choose your language, if you only have one language selected in your profile you will not see this option.
2) Choose your subject, this should be clear and to the point about your suggestion.
3) Type up your suggestion. Make it legible about a single suggestion only. Do not include 3-4 suggestions in one thread, and please do not make it a wall of text. Format it a bit into paragraphs and expand on thoughts where you can to explain your reasons for the suggestion.
4) Choose the tab which says Poll under your editor box.
5) Type out your poll question, it should be a yes or no question.
6) Type out your possible answers.
Yes / Agree / Thumbs Up or any such meaning yes (choose one only)
No / Disagree / Thumbs Down or any such meaning no (choose one only)
7) Choose a date you wish your poll to end or leave it blank for no end date.
8 )Choose 1 as your option to show the user may only choose one of the two options and not both as that is not helpful.
9) Set your options, make sure that users can vote ANONYMOUSLY to prevent flaming and other disharmony about their votes from others.
10)) Submit your thread, or preview it to see how it will look.

Happy gaming,
Your Last Chaos Team

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