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Mittwoch, 15. März 2017, 18:32

Saint Patrick's Day GM Events

G'day Lads and Lasses of Iris!
On Saint Patrick's Day, the GM team would like to hold the following events for your enjoyment!

Event 1:
Leprechaun Search
  1. GM named Leprechaun hides
  2. Players must find him
  3. When you find the GM, they will try to escape
  4. GM goes invisible and spawns monsters
  5. A long as there are monsters GM remains invisible

Time: 2:00pm EST (beginning on both servers simultaneously)
Channel: 4
Prize: Hand of the Warrior Drops and maybe the Leprechaun will have some gold bars. ;)

Event 2:
Green Pet Hide and Seek
  1. GM Hides with their pet on
  2. Players find the pet, and the GM cones visible
  3. GM then moves to a new spot

Time: 4:00pm EST(beginning on Initus, then moving to Horizon)
Channel: 2
Prize: Lucky Pet Box (2)

Event 3:
Green GM in a column
  1. GM will go invisible
  2. They will hide in one of the columns on Juno spawn
  3. They will say GO!
  4. You will have ONE MINUTE to get to your choice of columns and sit.
  5. The GM will say SIT! NOTE: If you are not sitting when the GM comes visible, you will not win.
  6. GM come visible.
  7. Players at the correct column get prizes.

Time: 6:00pm EST (beginning on Initus, then moving to Horizon)
Channel: 4
Prize: 30-Day Box (2)

Throughout the day, the GM's will also be looking for lucky green items to buy from shops! They will only buy reasonably priced items, over-inflated shops and items will be skipped over. They will not purchase upgraded and/or jeweled gear items or pets.

Happy St. Paddy's Day to you all!

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