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Thursday, 23. March 2017, 18:24

Upgrade System Overhaul

Do you agree with these ideas?

A total of 10 Votes have been submitted.


Yes (8)


No (2)

I'd really like to suggest an overhaul to the upgrade system.The current system is just frustrating, and leaves so much more to be desired.
Upgrading after +25
1. An equipment can only be upgraded above +25 after 180. So 181 [+26], 182 [+27], 183 [+28], 184 [+29], 185 [+30].
After anyone has acquired Level 180 and able to get a Dura weapon, there really is no need to go further, all that matters now is the depth of your pockets in acquiring that coveted +30 weapon. I say, in order to wield a weapon at cap, your character must also be at cap. Give players something to work towards and make it not only about the amount of money you have.
2. A series of quest that increases my chances of a +1 and Eliminates -1 during the required Character Level.
Say at 180, I seek to acquire greater knowledge and power. As I level towards 181, I do the "acquire true power quest part 1" After a series of rigorous paths of ascension and I become 181, it increases my chances to make a +26 weapon, but also removes the chance of getting (-1). This path of ascension to glory and power continues up to 185 with "Acquire true power quests 2, 3, 4, 5)

1. You give players a reason to want to level to cap
2. You give players a reason to want to buy Masters stones without having to play game within game and throwing away tons of gold.
3. You add some life to leveling after 180, good lord, it is a series of monotonous and repetitive, tiring raid quests day after day.

Ps. Those who already have gears and weapons above +25 before 180 would obviously get to keep it. You may ask, what about equipment below 180, don't they also need to upgrade above +25. I don't know that they do. +25 gears is plenty powerful for any mobs you may encounter.

This post has been edited 6 times, last edit by "Vilya" (25. March 2017, 13:57) with the following reason: Added Poll

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Saturday, 25. March 2017, 13:23

This would be something akin to the skills I suggested for jewels. The same could be done for upgrading as well. Maybe it would reduce the chance of break or -1. Nothing really crazy but, something noticeable that would
1. be worth getting in that it would have a noticeable effect. and
2. would be available to all levels (unlike the merchant skill and no I do not consider maxing Sio as being available to everyone...because if you can't get into mond yet its not available to you). and
3. is affordable. I can't afford any more gold sinks. If it is a gold sink I will NOT participate.
Don't really have any comments on the +limit at this time...I will need to process this.

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Sunday, 26. March 2017, 11:53

Last Chaos Problems

I agree with PRIMEX.
Upgrading is very difficult.
And expensive.
Char. bound system forces players to spend many money.
These must be changed and must be made exactly the reverse of them.

Roy has been torturing us for years.
It takes many time to put items to roy.
When we put items to roy, items must stay at roy untill player takes items from roy.
A lot of players swear to each other. Must be finished completely.
When we gain some skills we cant see the numeric value of what we gain with that skill.
Leveling up and sp farm is very hard.
We must find trustable internet book about game.
Because there are a lot of things we want to learn.
I cant find restart raid dungeon card and inventory expansion keys at shop.
All items at shop must be cheap.

I have been building a royal knight for years with real money.

Royal knight dash skill must be fixed immediately.

I heard ex-ranger has some skills which make ex-ranger the best at pvp.

A time ago there wasnt ex-ranger.

So, many many players spent years and a lot of money to build other characters.

So, all characters must be equalized, immediately.

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Sunday, 26. March 2017, 13:41

For a lot of information about the game - Home - Last Chaos - Guides & Information
not 100% up to date but gives explanation of skills etc

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Sunday, 26. March 2017, 15:33

Leveling up and sp farm is very hard.
Are we playing the same game? ?(?(?(8|

Rest I didn't even bother to comment, cause it's pure trolling, but this I just had to quote. :D
Check what not innocent and cuddly one wrote:
The hate was real
I speak sarcasm as a 2nd language. <---The best Walking Dead episode ever! :D
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Sunday, 26. March 2017, 22:24

I don't really think i can go for the limits on + by level cause it would unnecessarily limit the people able to make higher plus gear and put lower levels at even more of a disadvantage. If you wanted the skill to help improve your odds of +20 up at higher levels then fine but, I can't go along with just saying your not lvl 185 so you can't make a +30 piece of gear.

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Monday, 4. December 2017, 14:08

Hello Primex,

My suggestion for this...suggestion would be, rethink it and post something more geared towards all players instead of only one small demographic. We have far more under 185 players than we do 185 players and this suggestion is leaving them all out in the cold.

Give us a bit more to work with, let's see how the players like it, and maybe we can proceed on it if it's reasonable enough.

Thank you!

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